Things that are obsolete in 2017: here's how to replace them!

Modern fashion trends are changing rapidly. This season designers are actively experimenting with textures. Luxurious fur, velvet, lurex — latest trends of the season.

The new year is a great reason to bring order not only in brain but also in the wardrobe. We'll help you figure out what things to postpone until better times, and what is to buy already in 2017.

Fashion closet
  1. Victorian style

    High collar, jabot, cuffs, heavy velvet — it seems the designers missed the days when ladies were delicate and touching, like flowers.

  2. Unisex style suit brand-new

    Universal classic suits has not been canceled. You may want to choose simple classic suit, a suit with wide trousers or a boxy cut suit with bright embroidery. This year they are more popular than ever!

  3. Military style

    Apparently, designers do not give rest embroidered hussar uniforms and strict marine jackets. The surest option is to add to your wardrobe "hussar" jacket. Such a thing will go perfectly with the Trouser suit, dress-combination and short skirt.

  4. Replace denim jacket in velvet

    Denim fashion never went out and released, so don't say goodbye to a favorite jacket for all. But velvet to buy is very worth it! Designers recommend to choose a deep shades of wine, emerald, grey. This year, the velvet can be considered a casual material, which is perfect for classic combinations and bold experiments with lace and embroidery.

  5. Bandage dresses is no longer relevant

    Satin gown-nightie — fashion trend 2017. Satin and lace will give you an air of tenderness, femininity and sexuality.

  6. Bag to match the shoes with the long — outdated rule

    Combine seemingly incongruous and boldly experiment with colors and textures!

  7. Replace the choker on the massive and layered jewelry

    Massive jewelry, combination jewelry, layered necklace — all fashion in 2017. But not suggest to wear everything at once, because the sense of proportion has not been canceled!

  8. Oversized

    Massive sweaters, and bomber jackets are still in trend. But how looks feminine fitted coat or trench!

  9. In a fashion natural and easy curls

  10. Natural complexion defeats contouring

    If you haven't managed to master the difficult skill contouring — you can not even try. After all, in a fashion natural and light make-up. So instead of bronzers, shimmers / highlighters and blush it's better to buy a good day cream and powder with a natural shade.

Don't be afraid to experiment, mix and match your fabrics and textures, strive for naturalness and be in trend!

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