The most beautiful cities in the world, built according to plan

Geometrically precise plans of cities were created, of course, without taking into account the beauty of the view from the top. But beauty and comfort do not interfere with each other.

The Wired has published pictures from space of cities c the most clear and beautiful layout. Almost all of them are not in Europe and most were built to become the capital of a country or region.


Brazil (Brasilia), Brazil

The main city of the largest country in South America was built in just 41 months. Metropolitan status was obtained at the "birth", in order, in particular, to end the dispute over it between são Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer, on projects which were built most of the administrative buildings of the city, was a staunch Communist. It was he who suggested to call Brazil, Brazil. He liked the way it sounds in Russian the name of his native country (Portuguese: Brasil).

Brazil is one of the largest cities in the world, built after 1900.


Canberra, Australia

Another capital in our ranking. Like Brazil, it was built to resolve the dispute about the status of the main city of the state between two cities. In this case, they were Sydney and Melbourne.

The basis of the project was based on the concept of the garden city: the numerous green spaces become an integral part of Canberra. As planned by the Chicago architects Walter and Marion Griffin (wife), the capital of Australia had become a city of the future, like no one existed at that time.

As in the case of Brazil, called Canberra Canberra purpose: from the ancient language of the local tribe "Canberra" is translated as "place of Assembly".


Palmanova, Italy

It is the oldest city built according to plan. Located on the border with Slovenia. Is geometrically calibrated deletepolicy fortress.

Each Bastion protected Palmanova previous two. With Slovenia, of course, no one to fight then not going – it simply did not exist as a state. And from the Turks the fortress is very even helped.


El Salvador, Chile

Tiny town in the middle of the Andes was founded after in this area of Chile found deposits of copper ore in 1954.

The plan was developed by American architects. El Salvador follows the shape of the helmet of a Roman soldier (not the most predictable place for Roman subjects).

The construction of the city lasted for 5 years: 1954 and 1959. The population of El Salvador is 24 thousand people, of which 7000 are somehow involved in mining.


La Plata, Argentina

Another representative of South America in our hit parade. The city was founded as the capital, but not of the country, as state after giving Buenos Aires the status of the Federal district, someone had to take his place, was released after "improve".

The first stone in the Foundation of La Plata in 1882 laid just the Governor of Buenos Aires. After 2 years, La Plata became the first city in Latin America with electric street lighting.


Washington, USA

This rating would not be worthy of publication without the capital of the United States of America. After it was determined the construction site of the capital of the new state (1791), George Washington commissioned the development of a construction plan to the architect of French origin, Pierre Lantana.

In the process, Washington quarreled with Langfang, and implement plans had Andrew Ellicott.


Jaipur, India

Another town born of the capital. Raja Sawai Jai Singh II made it the center of Rajasthan (now the namesake state of India). Its name "Pink city" was due used in the construction of a stone of unusual color. In 1853 to welcome the Prince of Wales all the buildings in the city was painted in pink color.

The city consists of huge blocks separated by streets with a width of 40 meters. At the time of Foundation (1727) Jaipur had the innovative layout.


Adelaide, Australia

The capital of the state of South Australia was planned as its founding father, Colonel William light and named after Queen Adelaide.

The city is designed in the form of a large grid, which intersect the wide boulevards and spacious squares. The center is completely green.


New haven, USA, Connecticut

The city was founded in 1638 five hundred puritans who moved from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

This is the first layout built by the city in the United States. Originally consisted of nine squares with a Park of 16 acres in the center. This town is the home of the famous Yale University.


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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"Beautiful horizon" was conceived as the capital of the state and became the first city in the country, built according to the layout.

When creating the project the architects were inspired by the drawings of Washington, and some of the features of the US capital was moved to his paper.published

Author: Gennady Zavolokin




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