Turns Atmocean wave energy in fresh water

Startup uses Atmocean wave energy of the ocean to desalinate water, without the cost of electricity or any other fuel. The project is intended primarily for coastal cities in arid regions requiring irrigation.

Generators wave energy have an advantage over other renewable energy sources — predictability and power. The main obstacle to the spread of this technology are, however, expensive equipment and harsh weather conditions. System Atmocean is ready to solve both these problems.

The Atmocean technology does not violate the ecosystem of the oceans and designed to minimize the destructive impact of the waves and harsh weather conditions. It is easy to transport, install and maintain. Every single system, covering an area of 60 by 60 m, produces fresh water, sufficient for irrigation of 30 hectares of land.

The modular design allows you to carry Atmocean by rail, trucks or containers and assemble them on site, reducing costs. Installation is also not time consuming and can be performed by conventional boats or barges.

According to the National laboratory at Los Alamos, the length of the unoccupied coastlines of the planet with waves of sufficient strength to produce energy, is 11 000 km. Only in Chile and Peru can be set up 13 thousand systems Atmocean, and they will produce billions of litres of fresh water per year.

The startup is conducting a campaign to raise funds needed to run the pilot system in ILO, Peru.

Such desalination systems developed and scientists at MIT. They use a technology called "shock electrodialysis", which separates ions and particles "free" way. published


Source: hightech.fm/2016/12/16/atmocean


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