"Point" Confucius: a special place of power on the human body

Recently the increasing distribution among the population of the Earth becomes chronic stress. It can be called one of the main scourge of the XXI century. It usually develops gradually, naginatas for months or even years, and badly ruins our lives and causes a failure in the body.

In particular, problems arising due to chronic stress is not only worsening of mood, nervousness and emotional instability, but system indigestion, bloating, blurred vision, concentration, a sense of bitterness and nausea in the morning etc.

With regard to physical health, especially chronic stress affects the quality of the work of the gallbladder. Further, its negative effect extends to the duodenum. As a consequence, there cholecystitis, gall bladder inflammation, acute or chronic colitis, impaired motor swelling of bile: bile gradually transformirovalsya first in wisps, then in the crystal sand, which quickly turns into stones. Here you have chronic cholelithiasis.

How to get rid of it, and even better — how to prevent it?

One of the most popular methods in the East, and now in the West, very quickly eliminating the influence of both acute and chronic stress — is a massage of biologically active points "Feng Chi". It is also called "spirit point" or "point of Confucius".

By the way, Confucius is famous Chinese thinker and philosopher, very often have made the impact at this point, so it got another name in his honor. He said that the impact at this point is "great regulator, clarity of mind, flexible heart and bright eyes."

In General, the Chinese believe that "human life is controlled by the three dots: host of digestion — "point of Genghis Khan", a time Lord — the point "zu-San-Li" and mind controlling — "point of Confucius". So the impact on the latter, in addition to neutralize the effects of acute or chronic stress, also stimulates the development of a healthy brain.

"Confucius point" located below the occipital bone approximately 2.5 cm higher than the back border of hair growth in the hole of the outer edge of the trapezius muscle, where there is a recess.

To influence the point with your finger and with a pencil — the blunt end is for fixing a rubber band. Soft, circular movements in a clockwise direction, you should stretch this point for 5 minutes.

This point can be found on the left side of the head and on the right — it's bidirectional. However, if you are right handed, you need to influence the point of "Feng-chii" only on the right side, and Vice versa if you are left handed, then left. If you have a strong and strong hands, you can influence two of these points.


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It should be noted that with the help of massaging "the point of Confucius" can relieve spasm in the intestinal tract and improve gallbladder, as the localization of this point is to channel the energy of the gallbladder.

Also at this point be useful to influence headaches, eye disorders, lacrimation, dizziness, hearing loss, high blood pressure, neurasthenia, and emotional imbalance.published


Author: Victor Kartavenko


Source: www.zid.com.ua/rus_creativework/tochka-konfutsyya--osoboe-mesto-syly-na-tele-cheloveka


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