Ordinary cohabitation and 4 DEVASTATING things for a woman

Against women has for many years conducted the war. It destroyed women's power, women's wisdom, women's health. Killed femininity, tenderness, softness. Destroyed the institution of marriage, erased the meaning of women's purpose on Earth.

Who is this war against women?

Of course, it started those who benefit to make people weak and weak people living in fear. Such people are easier to manage, they make good slaves of a modern system. But the war is made by the hands of women, those who believe imposed stereotypes, the new fashion trends.

Forty four million six hundred twenty eight thousand two hundred nineteen

With the help of the mass media has for many years promoted an open relationship, available sex, women need to be realized in society. With the TV screens we watch half-naked girls who every year take more and more clothes. Alcohol, Smoking, drugs.

All of this trend. Cohabitation is a strong marriage. Sex instead of love. Career instead of having children. We impose certain stereotypes, which are like viruses on the Internet, are embedded in our subconscious and preprogramming it.

And what happens? We are being manipulated in their own interests, and we don't just talk to these provocations, but also accept moral degradation as the norm for modern trend to which we need to adapt to stay on the forefront of a new time.

Let's see what destructive programs has crept in the lives of people and are perceived by us for granted.

A woman should be realized in society

This installation is already so rooted in our consciousness that we are even afraid to allow the idea that will be a simple housewife. Life just seems drab, meaningless and useless. As it is, the whole day to spend at the stove and wipe the snot kid?

For new stereotypes imposed goals, women tend to build a career, earn more money, become a specialist in some area. And nothing that time for family no. The main thing – to be realized. Family and then create. But then don't take it, not the age, the experience is interrupted, you experience little.

And so because of changed priorities is crashing a woman's life. Youth and beauty are gone, health is also deteriorating. To marry after thirty, it turns out, is not so simple, and give birth to a child is even harder.

Twelve million six hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred seventy nine

A woman should be independent.

Financial, financially, and spiritually. Then the man just will not hurt her. It is because whatever the outcome you can about yourself to take care of.

Women tend to be like that. Independent, invulnerable, iron lady. "I do it all. And earn money, and nail to nail".

That's only in the eyes of these women sadness, and an emptiness in the soul. They don't know what is actually happiness. And not to admit defeat, interpretiruya this concept in their own way. And continue to support feminism. From a hopelessness.

A woman can be affordable.

If you want to. And what is this? Sex is generally healthy, and if not a serious relationship, what to do? Be given on the first date the society does not seem so immoral.

And the fact that every sexual partner the woman creates an energy channel that flows to her feminine energy, about the same time as silent. And she loses not only their female power, but also the health of the reproductive system.

Sex is the most powerful way loss female energy, but when a woman does it with your husband, then this is a blessing, as it nourishes its power and gets in return the care and protection and when she had given to other men, the reverse of no return is not received.

To dress openly is normal.

Nowadays Frank clothing in everyday life. Well, there is myself half-naked girl on the street, what of it. On television these on each channel show.

Here the girls look and I repeat, I want to please men, I want to fit the imposed ideal, want to be desirable and sexy.

Here are just a few of these girls thinks that the sight of openly dressed girls at the man wakes up sexual desire, and not desire to know the depths of her soul. And then say disappointed in men girls that all of them only one should be. They are all goats and womanizer.

Cohabitation in the order of things.

Not officially, not signing. As they say – a civil marriage. Although the fact is ordinary cohabitation. Today all is well and we live, tomorrow something did not suit – fled.How do you women can't understand that it destroys the institution of family weakens women's power.

If anyone can be benefit from such cohabitation, it is only men who are afraid to take responsibility for the family. The woman did not feel safe in this "civil marriage" is protected, is in constant inner tension. In addition, as if you didn't deny it, deep down each day accumulated resentment against the man because he doesn't want to see you his wife. Of course, this is difficult to admit even to herself, why women deny their desire to legalize the relationship. "What's the stamp in the passport will change?"they say, and themselves dream to finally become his wife.

Eighteen million eight thousand eight hundred thirteen

The fear of losing one forcing the weaker sex to overcome their principles and to go against morality.

The war against women is yielding results, now every step of the disappeared pair. On every corner you can see a woman dressed not just openly, defiantly and went. Each company employs women who selflessly build a career, while being miserable and lonely. In the gynecology Department there are queues of women with female problems.

And all this – the result of the introduction of plants that Deplete our life.

And only we can stop it. The key is to realize what our power of women, female destiny, a calling.

To recognize that we are being manipulated to their advantage, forcing us these stereotypes. And remember that the situation can change only start with yourself. published 


Author: Yulia Kravchenko


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