Happy people never cheat

Folk wisdom says: "Man is born for happiness like a bird for flight".

Man is created so that it is always striving for some goal. This condition is normal and natural. For happiness we need problem plus stance, expressing willingness to solve the issue.

Nature has created man with an innate mechanism to achieve success. So arranged his body so organized his brain, fully or partially, and quickly or gradually every problem is solvable.

Any achievement, even the intermediate, brings satisfaction if it is properly assess their strength, not expecting a 100% result confidently corrects erroneous actions. Having the right attitude, he's happy from the consciousness of their capacity to think, to invent and to implement the plan; happy to be the Creator, because it is his nature, he is born.

The miserable man makes a position of unbelief in your ability to solve the problem, i.e., the distrust of Nature, the juxtaposition of their views of the divine plan, the destruction of the program. Where do we get the strength to succeed?

"Happy people never cheat," says the old Dutch proverb. It is considered to be happy, it is necessary to achieve success and recognition. And if you change the stereotype, you get:happy people are more likely to achieve success and recognition. Bring good to people and you'll be happy. But if otherwise: happy people are all welcome. That is, the stereotype is the cart before the horse. It is not external circumstances, objects that make us happy or unhappy, but our attitude towards them: the most enchanting career success may fade before the good fortune to see the first steps of your baby.

People do not know happiness in childhood, has not felt the joy of normal human relationships, often become criminals. Obviously, the path to success they have been associated with competitiveness, with the struggle for survival. In the dilemma "select or create" they prefer to capture. I agree, this can be a rush, but not happiness.

"Happiness is a mood, which we most of the time own pleasant thoughts," formulated by John A. Schindler. Happiness is not earned and not deserved. It is not a reward for virtue, but is itself a virtue.


"Happiness is when people understand you"


To feel the satisfaction of understanding, we must, as a minimum, to address three challenges:

1. Another how to understand you if you yourself do not understand? To understand the true motives of their illogical actions – work is not for the faint of heart. Only a strong man is not afraid to myself about myself to tell the truth, to admit they were wrong, imperfect. Two polarities – self-defense and humiliation impede the objectivity of introspection. But if you can combine the triad: Prosecutor, Lawyer, Judge – mental equilibrium you will attain deserved.

2. Define, whose understanding is really vital. Fans of "cry on someone else's shoulder" is often in danger to become dependent to the energy vampire, schemer or manipulator.

3. Think, do you possess the art of transmitting information:

— any, even the right words too coarse to accurately transmit the depth of thought and nuances of feeling;

— it happens that people invest in the same words different concepts: the fact that some degrading and offensive, for others it is valid;

— abundance of text and emotions can overwhelm the friendly listener;

— there is a line beyond which "emotional Striptease" turns into a "spiritual porn" that causes the rejection of the desire to understand.

Of course, living in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support – a great success. But the situation is too fragile, because it depends on many external factors.

With age it becomes apparent that happiness rests on the inner feeling of harmony with himself. To understand oneself the mind and accept yourself the heart – so, to approach a positive perception of life. Not everyone manages to achieve this state – that's the job of intelligence is a distinct level. But the direction to look for happiness is correct.published


Author: Mila Alexandrov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


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