Marina Aleksandrova preparing for the wedding, and dreams of children

The famous actress Marina Alexandrova, formerly
Alexander Domogarova lover found her
Prince. The couple plans to get married in the summer.

No matter how trying to hide Marina Aleksandrova his affair with a colleague in the theater "Contemporary" Ivan Stebunova, now we can say for sure that is not just a couple of friends.

Recently, one of the paparazzi tracked the movement of the acting duo. The photographs on which the marina with Ivan hold hands, then kiss, it appears that a couple of grand romance.

John and Marina run into the supermarket where purchased a bottle of red wine. Then Ivan and Marina went to the apartment of Alexander's. Rumor has it that Stebunov about one month living with Marina, but this fact is not advertised.

Well-informed sources say, that the couple is very serious. Alexandrov's going to go Stebunova married, and all the actors devote his spare time preparing for this important event. If so, this will be the first marriage of the actress.


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