5 tips that will help to save on online shopping

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Today more and more people prefer shopping online. So you can buy the original thing, not even leaving the house. And if you know some chips, some shopping in the chain may be very economical.

The website offers 5 tips to help to make a bargain in one of the largest online stores — AliExpress.

Cashback with purchases

Cashback is a return of a certain amount of money after payment. There are many different services that offer this service, and one of the most convenient is ePN Cashback. Then you and instant withdrawals without a fee, and a mobile app for Android, and of course the highest rates.


On ePN Cashback has a special section, using which you can increase the amount of returned money is up to 15 %. To do this, any item put to the vote, which lasts a month. The more votes cast for the position, the higher will be the amount that will return.

Gift certificates

Not so long ago appeared on AliExpress gift certificates for purchases that you can pay for your orders. Benefit innovations, users appreciate fast. The results of the November vote, cashback for gift certificates increased to 10% and withdraw it immediately after payment. By the way, a refund is not only for certification but for purchases that you can do with it, the result is double cashback.


AliExpress holds frequent sales, and if you know when they are and exactly what you need to buy, you can buy a cool thing at a very attractive price.

So, one of the most popular sales:

  • The main sale of the year on November 11and the following promotions Black Friday and cyber Monday
  • The Chinese New year. In the coming year the sale starts on January 28 and will continue until 11 February.
  • Theme. The shares are held before Valentine's Day, 8 March, Halloween and other holidays.
  • Burning products. Every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, featured products discounts are exhibited in a special section of AliExpress.
AliExpress also holds frequent cool events with great discounts, which are confined to weekends, end of the season and other similar events.

Promocode codes

In ePN Cashback are all sorts of promotions where you can get a special promo code, so instead of the standard 7% to get back from 8 to 11% of the purchase amount. For example, very soon, on December 9, the birthday of this service, therefore the return percentage will be increased to 11.3 percent, which was well before the upcoming holidays. In addition to the code, on the occasion of birthday, ePN holds the three simple contest-raffle: the winners receive a ticket to Thailand, iPhone 7 , and many other gifts

Shopping need to give people pleasure, and here very appropriate motto of the AliExpress store: "Buy smarter, live happier!". So use these tips beneficial and buy only those things that bring you joy.

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