How to save on kitchen renovation: 9 tips

Repairs in the apartment — it is always troublesome and costly. The most expensive rooms to rework are considered to be bathroom and kitchen. Recently we looked at 7 ways to save on bathroom renovation, now it is the turn of the kitchen to tell us all their secrets. We bring you 9 tips that will help you a little (or a lot?) to reduce the budget for the kitchen remodel.


Make repairs in the winterof repairs, like weddings, have "hot seasons". In our country most of the repairs are done in warm seasons, the most popular time is from may to October. In winter, the repairs maycost substantially cheaper, as the masters of our order. Of course, no wonder most repairs are done in the summer: it is easier and causes fewer problems, but in General, winter is also can handle everything! By the way, in the winter the price would fall not only on the works themselves, but also on the materials. Don't forget about sales and special offers, applicable on holidays.



Choose the right styleTraditionally, there are styles, which require large financial investments: art Deco, hi-tech, Provence (that's in the kitchen). And there are cost-effective and functional options: loft, Scandinavian, rustic and modern styles. Give preference to one of the last to significantly save the budget.

 Economical materialsNaturally, the cost of finishing the interior and kitchen set depends on materials. Natural stone or marble for the countertops will be much more expensive than artificial stone or laminate (they are made of chipboard or MDF with a layer of plastic), and natural wood will be more expensive than its imitations.Large selection of materials on the market today gives the opportunity to greatly vary the price of repair depending on the capabilities of those doing the procurement.


Smaller headsetsthe Price of kitchen cabinets depends on many items: material, inner filling, presence of built-in appliances and of course its size. At last you can save. Have you noticed how often on pictures of Scandinavian kitchens no upper cabinets? Replace them with open shelves or rails. This option is not for everyone: if you don't have enough storage space in the bottom drawers or are you not a fan of permanent cleaning (dust on open spaces accumulate faster), then it is better to stay on the classic version with built-in wardrobes. If you love and know how to create beauty "out of the blue," don't be afraid to experiment, in the end the upper cabinets you can pick up and hang later if the option to have open shelves you will not do. So did the designer Asya Bondarev in his country house.



 Discard built-in appliances built-in appliances will cost considerably more expensive than the regular option. Of course, it all depends on the choice of design and number of subjects, however, in some cases, this difference can reach more than half of the amount.

 Save on purchasesfirst, if you buy all the materials in one store, you can safely ask for a discount, and secondly, do not neglect the special promotions that carried stores. Thirdly, compare prices online and in store. Sometimes, the same things can be bought with a significant price difference: after all, online shops do not spend money on rent and sellers. Fourth, plan the budget: describe how much you are willing to spend on tile, how much on technique as on the furniture and so on. The more detailed you make your plan, the easier it will be to stay within possible limits, otherwise there is a possibility that something in the end is simply not enough Finance.


Alternative apronApron in the kitchen is a place susceptible to dirt and heat most, so his finishing should be approached with special attention. Classic version — put the apron tiles. It is possible to save in case e, if you decide to do patterned tile and it will dial from the remnants of a hardware store. In recent instances almost always give a discount.

Another option is to paint the apron with paint, for example, the slate, as it did in her apartment in Butovo, our heroine — the designer Masha Kolesnikova. As the paint is very unreliable option for the apron, especially in place next to the stove (it can absorb the spray and a pair of dirty water, grease, detergents), it was decided to install heat-resistant tempered glass in most vulnerable area. It is cheaper than tiles and it also protects the surface.


 Master instead of the companyThis option is suitable for those who want an expensive kitchen, but not willing to overpay for the brand. If you're lucky enough to find a good masterwho is willing to cut and collect kitchen set, then you have the chance to own a dream kitchen with 40-50 % discount. Most masters who are engaged in the manufacture of furniture to order, know where to order the necessary facades.The main danger is of substandard work, the main disadvantage is the long time production, the main advantage — pleasant price. Our advice: if you found the wizard, ask him to show you their past work in person, if possible, or ask him to give you contacts of people that he did set. Real opinions and comments of our customers who use the furniture, can be very valuable.


New life of old furnitureWhen I went to visit interior designer Alena stark, I was struck by her approach to furniture and accessories. Alena believes that finishing in the apartment must be of good quality, but the decor and furnishings you can do with your hands. For example, she told me how in their kitchen, a dining furniture:

The most important thing in the house is a nice sofa and a dining table where the family gathers. Our table we found in the garbage. Do not worry, it does not mean that we dig. (Laughs.) The fact that Nicholas (husband of Alena. approx.) – Builder, and often sees the good, but not the right things are delivered. We painted the legs, replaced the countertop, and we got a mighty place where we gather for family meals.We like the idea of remaking old things. After all, even the most ordinary dining table to give a second life, a good painting it a new color or changing his legs. You can also pick up different chairs for kitchen table. The main thing that they had something in common in appearance or were made in the same style.published



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