Parable of dejection

Many years ago, the Devil decided to show off and put on public display all the tools of his craft. He carefully put them in a glass case and attached to them labels, to know what it is and what is the cost of each of them.

That it was for collection! Here were brilliant and Dagger Envy, and Hammer of Wrath, and the Trap of Greed.

On the shelves were lovingly laid out all the tools of Fear, Pride and Hatred. All the tools were lying on the beautiful cushions and admired by every visitor of Hell.

And on the farthest shelf was lying a little unsightly and rather shabby wooden wedge labeled "Sadness".

Surprisingly it was worth more than all other instruments combined.

On the question of why the Devil so appreciates this subject, he replied:

This is the only tool in my Arsenal that I can rely on, if everyone else will be powerless, and he tenderly stroked the wooden wedge. — But if I manage to drive it into the man's head, he opens derii for all other instruments...





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