Despondency — dark side of the force

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If I'm not mistaken, also applies to the Christian sins, that is forbidden to the believers. However, the Russian language contains the whole group of synonyms to refer to this defect: sad, slobber, lowered his head, discouraged, hang the head, to grieve, to be upset, to kruchenitsky, hang the nose, to prigornitsky, to MOPE, to weep, to dismiss, to be minor, to grieve, to MOPE, be sad, Marklund to dissolve, to become despondent, cheer up. And we can remember, and a beautiful imported words: spleen, depression, apathy, melancholy…

Inactive, passive state, followed by inappropriate and not befitting the Builder... Yes, even that: even communism, even despotism, though in the Universe, even in a single head. Achievements are not for the dull. Accompanied by pessimism.

In the ideal form of depression a person is sitting in a dark, dirty corner, eats nagami, doesn't do much or deals exclusively some stupid things, neglects hygiene, avoiding contacts, skimp on the success... I must say that one should not confuse a healthy (sic!) depression clinical depression or, say, apato-abulcasis syndrome, which differ as sleep and coma. If anyone never in my life not moping around, this is what hypomaniac, and the question of its adequacy and normality has not been raised only by chance. But if someone spleen interferes with life – it is the doctor.

The outside of the gloom – an indication that something is wrong. What – lots of options. For example, is a symptom of many diseases. Another example, this state is visited by people involved in the wrong business. Or another example, sometimes those who are too hard toils. Or when the events begin around do not correspond to the usual flow, and the behavior loses its value. There are other options, and a lot.

Roughly speaking, Marilandia occurs when there is an occasion to reflect: and whether all is correct? Am I doing it right? Whether in and around is not anything that I need to pay attention to? Not do I have any garbage? This is not the disaster, which happens to be despair, but a signal from somewhere inside: "Master, do not drive! Pause, stop, look around!»

This signal comes not from some sverhmudry cosmic forces (as if that was not flattering and reassuring for "Starikov"), but only from the personality, one, and one which monitors the balance of some (now no matter what) parameters of health, mind, purposes and achievements. It may be wrong, so it may happen that, ponyav, people will up and go away and there, where I was going. And it may happen that you will stand up, slap his forehead and say, "well I used to!..»

The same signal is fed, when (though not always) a person attains any serious failure. It is not normal, right? If we used good, proven facts, based on them build a clear, logical prediction, and has provided some extra padding in unavoidable bottlenecks, then it should be okay, right? No, of course, because just to provide possible, so a single failure usually goes quite easily. But if it is repeated twice, three times, and then turns into a series, it is true, may be enough to peck like a woodpecker, still not fucking work, and it's time to sit down and understand what, where and why are you hammering?

Yes, I know good and comfortable to write such intelligent words when you're old and wise, and General guru, and emotions you have preserved in the form of traces of the past, but the exposure was pumped up like a vintage camera... And when you're young, impulsive, full of ideas, but life is full of people and events, but if you have, for example, a dreamy and romantic young lady – the idea of this size can simply not be reached from neuron to neuron. I'm not going to remind you that half a kilo (and more so) the brain of a person acquired not so long ago, in evolutionary-standards.

And then, of course, triggered the safety valve. Well, or some kind of protective device.

Off activity. Doing bad is not to do nothing, you'll live longer. Disables the need to communicate. Who knows, maybe it's all the outside influence and machinations of the enemies. Reduced level of claims (if you do nothing, then resources will be challenges, right?). Pasta, tea. Shaving and washing with excess. Is served the common signal of a problem – reduced emotional background. Although part of this decline is just a consequence, a by-product of previous operations. And what to do? And have to sit and think!

Again, it is good to be a crisis Manager, logician and intellectual with a life experience and a degree in integrated planning. But in the classics as accustomed instinct, it's necessary to think of the primitive brain, not having any education ("Yes there is his education? What! Write – average!"), me-e-slow and without fanaticism. Not even to right so to think, but rather to lay out the mosaic and suck the pieces. If you do it long enough, she will sooner or later add up to words "Here I was a club!»

The inconvenience here is about two.

First, the modern person has a lot of extra knowledge. For example, it is approximately aware of the duration of human life, and even sometimes understand that it is not so long. And you must hurry while they last. Actually, it reminds me of the aphorism of my ex-wife, from the doorway: "I'm so clever! I managed to spend all the money before they ran out!»

Of course, it's your business what to measure your life in years, the achievements, the number of happy days drinking bottles. But increasingly, modern man is suggested that the meaning of his life – missed them through the circulation. No, I do not argue, such a view also has a right to exist, I can describe the structure of personality, for which different position will not be effective, but nasty in that position this indoctrinated even in those it absolutely does not fit. However, I will write about this separately, about greed. And for such people the concept of social success (read: active consumption) becomes truly devastating gnaw his soul from the inside. The glory of Demeter, appeared in at least a fashion – downshifting when it is not shameful to drop everything and go to the followers of Henry Thoreau (don't be lazy, find and read the Internet from your curiosity will not wear out), and the word sounding foreign, almost like a "production management". This is also not a universal option, but it's something.

It is clear that when you do what you don't need, and we need salespeople and tax collectors, personality, tracking your goals will be to worry. With clear same symptoms.

But I'm not about that. I mean, in order to skip through your credit card the most money, you have to hurry before the banks and the budget will receive less, and how you will feel if you are ungrateful, will not bring them the benefits that they expect you to? And if we have to hurry, and depression you can not afford is too long withdraws you from trade and lowers your value as a member of the market segment. So drink vegetable and not very good drugs from the bad mood on the weekends is loaded with the liver anesthetic for the mind, ears, a "DIC-DIC" and some time you can stretch, while remaining a useful member of society.

So what I will tell you (it's still "first"): sadness is the lot and privilege of a free man. According to the old standards – the aristocracy. With peasants this attack did not happen. If every day you had to completely give all their strength for survival, then you wouldn't have time to doubt that you're doing it right. If you care about survival, you really are doing everything right. If you haven't Packed a knapsack and went on foot to Nepal, then you have something to lose here. So, do you have something you don't want to lose. Then you still got something here, and to despair you are still far. So you can afford to drop everything and hide in a corner. No, I don't know how this can be done in your specific case, and work not to lose, and the child to the grandmother not to send the rent time to pay, but I do know that you can. In the end, if you (God forbid you Apollo) suddenly, say, fall down the stairs and lain unconscious in the hospital for a month, you will of course be difficulties when you are discharged. Maybe even large. But they won't kill you.

So, anyway, and the depression you can not afford. And if you can, then, by and large, you are all in the aristocratic and the peasant is not right. At least, you think, therefore you exist, and it's usually better than the other option.

Can't remember the words, I heard from one wise man: "If you're alive, healthy, and free enough to be happy." Yes, I am aware that not all people live a completely healthy and absolutely free, but that's another long and boring topic.

That is because, again, the theme was gone. All I mean is that no need to hurry. If the depression has a cause, then no, you can not escape from it and it will not disappoint. We must recognize and accept that you are caught up and find time for him in their plans. Otherwise, you may eventually happen is the same shit that often overtakes people neglecting the dark side of the force.

Depression takes time. Different things to different people, of course. I am acquainted with a charming lady that is not enough for more than five minutes. But another person may need the process is so lengthy, which will cause the interest of a psychiatrist. But the result is that the depression ends. It ends something. In the good case, understanding.

Here will break, will continue later, but for now:

Secondly (if you have lost the thread, the second problem preventing to properly handle depression). Like I said, people in despair, like, thinks. Somewhere deep inside himself. But modernity offers a person a lot of garbage for the brain. "You want something to think about, man? Are you looking Blazek! Computer toy! A new series with an incredibly funny and silly faces! A newspaper scandals about celebrities! 50 wise thoughts, written for the debts of a drunken copywriter! Sensational political news, anyone who so much stolen! And about your problems you think there is no need, we have it on figs is not necessary!»

It is clear that the average person, in addition to the pill, "mood" and alcohol, easily and happily caught on the hooks – "to dispel". No, to unwind, escape-it can sense something... Yes, the brain will get the illusion that you got something they worked, the PA will forget about their problems, not having dealt with them, and if no new solutions are not accepted, so all may not be very good, but subconsciously correctly.

I tell you this... I have these people even regret not going. If they are so stupid that change their goals, objectives, and even if the problems the problems of strangers on the TV and the monitor, then they are guilty and deserve what you have.

You personally, lucky you ran into this article and understand something (okay, okay, you and she knew all this, or even a carrier of cosmic wisdom and you nothing), and no luck. They will continue to drink vodka, watch TV and send SMS to short numbers. Well and figs with them. I'm not Santa Claus, to chase the idiots with a bag of gifts. Want to find and read, do not want to – go and drink beer or "it does", under football.

Well, I was just fine grumbling, since this topic turns in this frivolous tone.

Returning once again to topic:

For proper disposal of sadness at the ways of the dark side of the force needs to comply with three conditions:

Not resist. This applies generally to almost all the techniques of the dark side of the force, although there are some exceptions. Depression is NO exception, and the most that neither is the rule. It is yours, for you and you need. Take and use.

Not hurry. Depression takes time. You can it's time to split, something to delay that, on the contrary, to use a preventive (I'm serious, if she catches up with Blues and have extra time, cover yourself in a blanket and surrender). She will be exhausted when the time comes. And when it comes, there's a chance that it will come along with some news.

Not to distract. Depression is not a disease, not bad and not bad, it's a job, a specific job to your personality. I know everything you say is wrong. Lie.

There are safety. In the process it is necessary to manage your mental health. It is quite difficult to do by yourself, because one of the first relinquishment mechanisms in mental illness is criticism, that is, the ability to adequately assess their adequacy. Therefore, if your sadness goes too far, even though you believe that for good reason, it makes sense to consult with a psychiatrist. Theoretically good to find a reliable, intelligent and understanding person (I even know people in Moscow and St. Petersburg), but in principle you can use any of specialist, even from the IPA. You need to tell him about his condition, to say that in principle you do not see anything unnatural, and not feel the need to be treated immediately powerful means you just ask to check your status and confirm that you from the point of view of mental health in order, and nothing is stronger than Valerian and motherwort, you do not need.

By the way, you need not fear that the first thing you do psychiatrist is put on the account and a ban in the loony bin. You're not needed in Fig. On the account they have such a rabid crowd of ladies that add to the person is not necessary require from time to time to catch naked on the street and packing in transportation, they do not want to. Accounting, in addition to recording in the card, it is a set of boring action, in which doctors have to report. And on my bed at the mental hospital place generally six months ahead.

Exception made for the cases, dangerous for the society or for the person, but I hope it's not you.

You should also avoid overly diligent attention to depression. It is, as the inspiration for the result requires not only time but also strength. If you for any decrease in emotional background will fall into the St. Petersburg people's fun with mulled wine and easel in the format "Depart from me all! I'm depressed!"the assessment method for the sadness will never end. Observe a reasonable level of response.

I find it difficult to suggest suitable for you the frequency of spleen, but once a year, in November, for our latitude – the most it, in my opinion. You can even plan your time and expenses to travel to the monastery.

Summary: discouragement is a way to obtain and use the chance to understand, to overestimate, to make a decision to change. If the despair doesn't give you a choice, depression is a soft, kind, gentle counselor.



Author: Alexander Lebedev




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