Scientists successfully tested the glowing crystals for water purification

American researchers from Rutgers University have developed and successfully tested a special kind of fluorescent ORGANOMETALLIC frame of the compounds that find and eliminate the particles of heavy metals in the water.

With the help of x-rays scientists have designed a new type of fluorescent metal-organic framework compounds, which can best detect and absorb heavy metals in water. In the experiment conducted at the National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence Berkeley, the new structure was able to absorb 99% of mercury from a mixture of light and heavy metals within 30 minutes.

The connection is an open organic structure in the form of a molecular sieve, which consists of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and zinc. Thanks to his openness she is able to attract and bind heavy metal substances such as lead or mercury, and, according to scientists, this is the first ORGANOMETALLIC framework that can detect and link them.

In addition, the new structure is lit — this is due to the content of fluorescent chemicals, which ceases to emit light as soon as the crystal begins to absorb heavy metals. Scientists invented compound can be used up to three times without loss of efficiency, after which the absorbent properties begin to decline.

While it is not known when this discovery will be first applied in practice. Probably, the new structure will ever be used in filters for water purification or devices like smart bottle Ecomo, which analyzes the water for pollutants and it instantly clears. published




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