13 movies that will help you to understand men

Real men don't cry and instead of apples, crunchy raw onions. They are covered with bristles, outrageously harsh, and sometimes seem uncouth chumps. How do we women to understand what motivates these strange but dearly loved ones?

The website has prepared a selection of films that will help the beautiful half of humanity to better understand their brutal companions.

Race Rush 2013

70-ies of XX century are considered a Golden age of racing "Formula-1". Then safety and technology did not stand still in first place. Racers could break every time I get out on the track, but put up with the risk. It was at this time there was a fight two opponents: the playboy Englishman James hunt and the meticulous Austrian Niki Lauda. The film is about how important it is for men to be winners, how fiercely they compete and what price you are willing to pay for the triumph.

We own the night We Own the Night, 2007

Bobby green is in a difficult situation: he runs a night club, whose owner is closely linked with gangsters. At the same time it conceals that his brother and father are police officers. The situation is exacerbated when Bobby finds out that the mother is in danger. When a man calls a sense of duty and revenge, nothing will stop him in a fair fight. Strong crime drama about the difficult choices, responsibility for their actions and family.

The train to Yuma 3:10 to Yuma, 2007

Western tells of a poor farmer, who for the sake of money decides to secretly deliver a dangerous criminal Ben Wade to the train to Fort Yuma. But loyal gang of thugs Wade quickly learns about this plan and is preparing to release their leader. Sometimes men put the ability to remain a hero in the eyes of the family above personal safety and even their own lives: they need to save face. Powerful film about the bravery of the little man.

And the sound of the storm The Finest Hours, 2016

In 1952, members of the coast guard, despite the terrible storm that went on a wooden boat to save the crew of an oil tanker that crashed. Men are often engaged in dangerous work, and when circumstances require to risk their lives, they would not hesitate to go do his duty. Because if not them, then who? This movie is based on real events that leaves a strong impression.

The drunkest County in the world Lawless, 2012

The most drunk district in the world — he's the most wet place in the world if you start from the title of the original book — the memoirs of his grandfather of the author, and filmed. This is a picture of the dashing adventures of the trio of brothers Bondurant in America 30-ies, during the times of prohibition. Power and money have different impacts on men, someone they are very confusing, but the rest of the family are always ready to right brain and to give his life for his brother.

The Departed The Departed, 2006

Two of the enemy who do not know each other in person. One of them — agent mafia, infiltrated the ranks of the police and the other was a mole in the mafia environment. Both the duality of the situation has a strong psychological impact — the inner world of the characters deformed. The film is about how mind with strong men, it is often hard to carry his burden and that they, too, sometimes need help.

Any price Hell or High Water, 2016

Texas backwater these days. The two brothers decide to Rob a few local banks who are "milked" of ordinary people. Brothers ready to do anything to change the life of my family, many years suffering from the disease called "poverty". Sometimes life breaks even tough men, but some are not willing to bend and try to take fate revenge, but not always in a legal way.

The magnificent seven The Magnificent Seven, 2016

A good remake of the eponymous Western 1960 telling how seven brave men stand up for the residents of a small town, which keeps you in fear of a gang of robbers. It's not a masterpiece, but a very quality fighter in a spirited cowboy style. When the prejudice of the weak and the poor, these men can't stand aside — they will go to the offender with the battle simply because we cannot do otherwise.

Deepwater horizon Deepwater Horizon, 2016

The film tells about the terrible accident on the oil platform "Deepwater horizon" in 2010. We show how simple men are fighting valiantly not only for their lives but for the lives trapped in an awful situation colleagues. The picture was taken frighteningly realistic that makes us marvel at the unparalleled heroism of these people.

Scent of a woman Scent of a Woman, 1992

A retired Colonel Frank Slade special plans for thanksgiving: he wants to go to new York and to push the boat out there on all your savings. But Frank is blind, so he has to take a young boy Charlie, who hired relatives of Frank to watch over him. A man in the same way as we can be in the impasse into which drove him life, but love and friendship is the only medicine that could bring his existence meaning.

Johnny D. Public Enemies, 2009

John Dillinger, the legendary Bank robber, who lived in America since the great depression. Oppressed citizens considered him a hero, and the FBI is No. 1 enemy. Real men stand for justice, and don't care how it is achieved. Bright, dynamic picture with stunningly atmospheric music. Looks at one go.

Cinderella Man Cinderella Man, 2005

Heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock suffered several major defeats and was forced to quit sports, but very soon the need and happy occasion that motivates him to return to the ring. Braddock wins contender for the world title — since the beginning of his stellar career. If a man has a loving family, he will do everything to relatives and nothing. He even do the impossible. The film is based on real events.

Miracle on the Hudson Sully, 2016

January 15, 2009 the captain of flight 1549 Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing A320 on the Hudson in new York. None of the 155 passengers were not injured. Despite the unparalleled heroism of Sully, it was an investigation that threatened the reputation and entire career of the captain. Even worthy men bureaucracy capable of making a real outcast. A film about the test of endurance of a person, the miracle worker.

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