14 things we were not taught in schools. You should be

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School — the place where we are taught basic knowledge to help to succeed in this world. But for some reason, we are not really giving the necessary skills that will be useful in the future. Therefore, they should teach parents to have their child in the future was successful.

The website will tell you about the 14 things that we were not taught in schools, and should be.

In which country would you live, taxes and utilities will have to pay everywhere. Tell your child, what are the taxes which they pay you which you can return. Pay your utility bills together, so that the child at least some idea what it is and how to do it.

The most important taxes which will return part of the money spent on medical treatment, education and housing.

So technology makes our lives easier, when gadget is running out of battery, we literally become helpless. Teach your child to overcome difficulties, without resorting to using the digital friend.

For example, to find the road, do not have to use Google, it is possible to rely on your memory, help passers-by or even a paper map. Time it will take longer, but will give important experience.

No, it's not about public speaking. Ability to maintain formal, intellectual conversation with other people can even be called an art form. And no matter what the man in your life, this is one of the most important skills that you can purchase.

Speak and learn to talk to your child on a variety of topics — this will not only incite curiosity towards certain things, but also help to better understand each other. Tell us about body language and learn to recognize simple signs, which serves people with communication.

Perhaps at first glance it is not so much the skill needed. However, in life anything can happen, and possibly credit card will be the only solution to the problem.

Of course, should not be forced to learn complex terms and to read a loan contract to a child, but in high school he was able to understand what is the interest rate, down payment, and how to distinguish profitable from unprofitable offer.

Important skill that we begin to appreciate especially in the University. Because the correct distribution of your time can have a direct impact on the outcome of the test or control.

Start a diary and write down the important and not very important things will be the right step, who learn to correctly manage your time.

The ability to make necessary and advantageous purchase is well worth it.

Learn yourself and teach your child how to distinguish a good from a bad thing and a quality product from poor quality — it will give an understanding that spending needs to be done wisely and profitably.

The search for a new job can be challenging, especially if it is the first. The time to explain what a summary how to draft it and where to look for work, will be well spent. In the future this will not only save power, but may help you find the best position.

You cannot rely on the help of strangers, they may simply not be there in a dangerous situation. Many parents react negatively to martial arts groups, but in vain. Not necessarily a few years to take classes in karate, it is more important to know how to behave in a dangerous situation, the weaknesses of people well, a couple of techniques that don't require refined technique.

It is inevitable that your house from time to time will need repair, whether replacing conventional light bulbs or painting the walls. And calling a carpenter, plumber or electrician for some small things may be long delayed. It is therefore important to know the techniques and use the right tools to fix minor damage yourself.

Tell and show your child how to fix simple things, this will help to avoid a lot of trouble and unnecessary spending in the future.

Cooking is one of the most important life skills that should be in any independent person. It's not only cheaper, but usually more useful than the purchased semi-finished products or fast food.

Teach your child to shop and to cook, try new recipes and experiment. It will make him more confident and independent in the future.

The ability to build relationships, whether romantic or friendly, is a complex skill with many nuances and subtleties, which we learn from childhood as they can. And errors can not be avoided.

However, the introduction in school curricula of lessons from psychology could greatly facilitate the task. At least at the level of common issues: how to protect yourself and your boundaries, how to respect the boundaries of others, what distinguishes the thinking of girls thinking boys how important it is to rely only on themselves and not wait for help from others.

Know your rights and responsibilities is much more important than many people think. Life is constantly the situation, the unpleasant consequences which can be avoided by just knowing the law. Tell your child about the most important laws, rights and responsibilities.

The ability to properly treat the wound or first aid may prove invaluable skill, and in some cases save lives. So learn for yourself and teach your child how to act in situations where someone may need medical assistance.

This may seem strange, but the child from an early age should be trained in self-development. The ability to constantly change, learn something new and to always be interested in something thisimportant quality that will help to achieve success in any activity. In addition, it will teach you to perceive the difficulties as lessons, which provided useful experience.

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