The 9 habits, which you should eliminate in order not to get sick in the winter

There is good news: to good health do not leave you all winter, you just abandon the habits that quietly condemn us to a cold!

Website recognized good advice on how not to get sick in the winter and enjoy plenty of frosty days.

To use nose drops before going

The vessels constrict and so under the influence of cold. If we "help" them with drops, mucous will not have time to protect us from microorganisms and warm inhaled air. Better to just clean the nose before leaving.

To breathe through the mouth on the street

When you breathe with your mouth, the air does not have time to hydrate and keep warm, which increases the probability of catching a sore throat. To avoid this, it is better to breathe through the nose slowly and shallowly.

Wrap the scarf over the nose and mouth

Exhaled into the fabric of steam in the cold turns to ice. The air which flows through the ice becomes colder. This can lead to angina, bronchitis, or irritation of the skin. If you really want, you can cover the face but not the nose.

To run home when the chills

At the first sign of frost it is better to go somewhere warm for a few minutes and catch my breath, for example in the shop or cafe. And then move on. And no hypothermia is not threatened.

Wearing tight shoes and clothes

Like tight clothes, tight shoes ensures quick freezing. If you pick up clothes looser layer of air between it and the body will delay the heat.

Hot drinks 30 minutes before

Hot tea increases blood circulation and raises protective forces of an organism. But it dilates blood vessels. So, going out in the cold, we immediately lose quite a lot of their own heat. If you really want to drink, it is best to limit any water and warm, but not hot drink.

To starve in the cold

For heat the body need energy, otherwise we quickly get cold. So as soon as there was hunger, need to eat or drink warm tea in a warm room.

Apply cream immediately before going

After application to the skin emulsion creams in the first 30-40 minutes of them evaporates the water that in the cold leads to cooling and damage to the skin. Therefore it is better to apply the cream at least 30 minutes or not to use the cream with water.

Warm alcohol on the street

It will be good only the first 30-40 minutes. Then the body will rapidly cool off, and the brain may not respond adequately or do not give a signal. Therefore it is better to drink alcohol in the room.

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