In Italy came up with a building which itself clears the air

If you think that you take care of the cleanliness of the environment is important, then you'll like what I came up with the Italians. They designed a building, consisting of eco-friendly materials that can very clear the air.

We are in a Site sensitive to the preservation of the purity of nature, so I will tell you a little more about this environmental miracle.

The building is called the Palazzo Italia, located in Milan. It is covered with panels of special material, whose main task is the purification of the air from the smog, dust and harmful compounds.

And all because of a special combination of titanium dioxide and a conventional cement. This composition is able to hold from penetrating between the panels of the air particles are nitrogen, thereby making it much cleaner.

But that's not all that unwanted compounds are not only removed from the air, but is converted into safe substances (inert salt), which are then washed away in the rain.

And this is not the only feature of green buildings. It consumes 40% less energy. The roof is covered with panels of solar batteries, capable of providing electricity to the entire building.

Italian scientists believe that if at least 15 % of the buildings are built from similar eco-friendly material, it will reduce air pollution more than 2 times.

Source newatlas, stahlbaupichler
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