How to stay healthy — 7 easy tips


Any illness is stressful for the body. It can lead to complications, exacerbation of chronic diseases, knocks the person out of the usual pace of life. Another side of the health problems – they are noticeably hitting the pocket. Jump dollar and rising prices significantly affected the cost of medicines. Even a simple cold can cause a severe blow to the family budget. And the more serious the disease is, the more expensive patient treatment. Domestic products or analogues can cost less than branded, but the problem remains. Hospital treatment even more expensive.

To save money on health (i.e., not treated) is impossible. It is no secret that, for example, influenza without adequate treatment may be complicated by bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia and other diseases that threaten life. To rely only on traditional methods of treatment is also unacceptable. What to do if hurt expensive? There is a solution: to take care of disease prevention.

How to stay healthy? As you know, the tendency to disease depends largely on the lifestyle, habits and thoughts of the person. Let's see, that brings together people who are sick less than others.

Less perejivaniyami that stress undermines the immune system and damages the heart. As a result the person is vulnerable to infections, cardiovascular and other diseases. From excessive emotions affects not only adults but also children. So, according to the head of the Ukrainian Association of children's psychiatrists of Ukraine Lyudmila Litvin, 70-80% of cases in children caused by stress.

Rarer people who know how to relax. For example, a good way to relieve stress is to take a vigorous walk.

To eat right is a lesson health, mood and wellbeing directly influences what and how much a person eats. The abundance of fatty, fried, salty food, sweets, lack of vitamins and other nutrients lead to excess weight gain, problems with blood vessels, diabetes, digestive disorders. Those who watch their diet and weight, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. So less likely to get sick.

Full Sonmez full sleep impossible to maintain health. When a person sleeps, his body is undergoing complex restorative biochemical processes. Nothing prevents him at this time to absorb nutrients and store energy for normal functioning of organs and systems. If the body does not get sufficient time to recover, the immune system suffers. The need for sleep depends on age. An adult, on average, need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Physical aktivnostima secret that a sedentary lifestyle is a provocateur of many diseases: obesity, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, hemorrhoids, etc. In turn scientific studies show that exercise helps to strengthen the immune system.

Caution with lekarstvennoye people tend to self-medicate. This contributes to the abundance of advertising of medicines in mass media. Noticing the symptom "as the hero of advertising", put a diagnosis and hurry to the pharmacy for the advertised drug. However, the same symptom can point to completely different diseases. For example, heartburn can be as a consequence of the banal overeating and symptom of diseases of the digestive system. Cough and even the common cold can have a different nature, and therefore treated with different chemicals. Tightening with a visit to the doctor, the person aggravates his disease and poison your body, perhaps useless in this case drugs. How to stay healthy after that?

A vivid example – the "trend" of antibiotic treatment. Recall, these drugs work only on bacterial infections and prescribed by the doctor. If you "eat" antibiotic with SARS, not only heal, but also create conditions for reproduction of dangerous bacteria, increasing the likelihood of complications. How to stay healthy after that?

Cherish druzhynina studies show that friendship strengthens the immune system and helps maintain memory. Probably this is facilitated by communication and emotional support from friends.

Not to dwell on stabilisationpolicy increasingly inclined to believe that the excessive sterility contributes to the reduction of the protective properties of the organism. "Untrained" body by interfering with different pathogens and allergens, can't resist them. This does not mean that it is not necessary to wash your hands and properly handle the products. But to protect the child from every speck of dust or communication with others is also not necessary.




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