15 dogs-Samoyed, from which your heart will beat more often

These white beauties — dog breed Samoyed, and they are ready to steal your heart.

Just look at those eyes!

From adorable kids with white dog hair turn...

In large and good friends who cannot live without a hug a day.

Of course, Samoyeds love of the game.

And very, very sad, when the owners have better things to do.

Then they can have a little fun... just a little bit!

"But we're still friends, right?"

In my free time, these beauties do not mind a couple of trendy selfies.

And if something goes wrong, then will enjoy a Cup of good coffee.

Samoyeds are very stubborn and emotional.

But cool down quickly, and then in the house again reign peace and harmony.

Here it is, fluffy happiness!

Photos on the preview PARTYPONIES / REDDIT.COM,

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