Many people are looking for a couple trying to solve their problems...

Favorite person does not save us from anything: he didn't have to save.

Many people are looking for a couple, thus attempting to resolve their problems. They naively believe that a loving relationship will cure their boredom, boredom, lack washed in life. They hope that the partner will fill a void in their lives.

What a gross misconception!

When we choose a mate, laying on her like hope, in the end, we cannot escape the hatred of the person does not meet our expectations.

And then? Then we are looking for the next partner, followed by another, then another and another... Or decide to spend the rest of my life alone, complaining of cruel fate.

To avoid this, you should understand own life, not expecting that someone will do it for us.

It is also recommended not to try to understand someone else's life and find the person with whom they could work on a joint project, good time, fun to develop, but don't get on with my life and not look for a cure for boredom.

The idea that love will save us, solve all our problems and bring happiness and confidence that can lead only to what we get in the captivity of illusions and negate the true transformative power of love.

The relationship dealt with real, not perfect perspective, open our eyes to many aspects of reality. And there is nothing more amazing than to experience your transformation with the one you love.

Instead of looking for relations in the asylum, we should be allowed to awaken that part of you is still asleep and we didn't let himself to be: the ability to move forward with a clear view of the direction of movement, and therefore, change and evolve.

To the Union loving people to prosper, you must look at it from the other side: as a number of opportunities to expand their consciousness, discover a strange truth and to become a person in the full sense of the word.

Becoming a full-fledged adult, not needing the other for survival, I, of course, meeting another such person with whom I will share what I have and she what she has.

In fact, this is the meaning of couple relationships: this is not salvation, but "meeting". Or should I say "meeting".

Me with you.

You with me.

With me.


Us with the world.

Should debunk the myth that if two people love each other, they must adhere to the same opinion. It is not, to love another person means to think like him or to put him above himself. A sense of mutual respect. The main thing — "to love with open eyes".

If we will succeed, will be not so difficult to come to a common denominator because we have already reached the most important agreement: I accept you for who you are, you accept me.

This acceptance frees us from bondage, gives us a sense of freedom, allows us to give vent to feelings. As soon as life values our partner are becoming increasingly important for us, we can feel respect for his way of life.

Every person is a world, and to love is to be able to accept a person with his system of values, traits, habits, oddities... not trying to change. And it is work. Serious... Work, which may not be followers since the adoption of the other begins with the acceptance itself.published

©Jorge Bucay “Love with open eyes”


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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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