Food POISONING: food, stealing our energy

The main source of chemical impact on our body is food with which we come into closest contact. Food is essential for any living organism, but people take it on a completely different level than any other organism.

Our whole life revolves around food. We celebrate and mourn, absorbing food. Many people celebrate the most significant events of his life at the table, in the circle of family and friends. We literally represent what we eat. Food supplies the materials to create the architecture of our body. It becomes us.

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Food defines many aspects of our lives and they change over time. In ancient times people settled near sources of plentiful food and water. These places were transformed into villages and cities. Maps of ancient civilizations was inscribed with a fork.

Our ancestors were gathering food in the trees, on land, on the shores of seas and rivers, was producing by hunting and fishing. They ate when they had the chance. Without refrigerators products quickly deteriorated. Within just a few decades, our food system has changed radically.

90% of products in supermarkets are sold in packages of one type or another. To extend the shelf life, they are saturated with preservatives that kill bacteria. In addition, most products contain additives that give them an attractive color, taste or appearance. The remaining 10% of products in supermarkets: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and dairy products also pass through several stages of unnatural processing.

Every day we hear stories about contaminated products sold in our supermarkets and fast food enterprises. We learn about the deadly bacteria, the seizure of huge consignments of meat and vegetable products, which we have adopted is the practice of mass food production (as a result more and more amount of food is exposed to irradiation for disinfection, and deprived of a considerable part of the nutrients).

Products from modern supermarkets contain chemical substances that by themselves or in combination with each other can cause disease.

Not so long ago was arrested batch of products one fish farm and the owner was fined, when it became clear that the fish on this farm are fed a defective dog food.

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Just think: that's not good enough for your dog becomes a building material for your body — and at a much higher price than dog food. If it is safer to have lunch with your pet, rather than buying the fish experts in the field of health unanimously recommend you have the conclusion that the pursuit of cheapness and convenience is madness, and if this madness is not stopped, it will lead us to the hospital (have you ever seen hospital food?).

One of the most effective ways of reducing the impact of toxins on the body and increase nutrient intake is to spend more money on food safe of origin, whenever possible by buying fresh local products.

Imported products have to overcome a long way and before you get from the fields, farms and fish cages on your Desk, exposed to the whole complex of chemicals:

  • fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides;
  • hormones (animals to quickly gain weight or give more milk);
  • antibiotics (to prevent infectious diseases in animals with a weakened immune system).

They are exposed to radiation of x-rays that kill bacteria and at the same time destroy nutrients, pasteurization (heating for a long period to destroy pathogenic microorganisms that are killed and nutrients), hydrogenation (a change in the composition of fats and oils to increase the shelf life of products, as a result, after eating them caused damage to the cells of the body) and even cosmetic procedures such as rubbing the fruit with wax (so they look more attractive).

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You eat what you areToday, the rapidly growing incidence of two due to the hormones forms of cancer — breast and prostate, and thyroid disorders have reached epidemic proportions, experts point to the phthalates as one of their reasons

The food poisoning there is another aspect. The standard diet of modern man with lots of refined grains and sugars and processed foods contributes to the development of unhealthy cravings and fluctuations in energy levels — a key factor in promoting development and maintaining our current state of defeat toxins.

I often ask my patients if they know the meaning of the phrase "You are what you eat". Many respond in the affirmative: the quality of the food you eat goes directly in the quality of your body.

More specifically, it means that the food you eat becomes the building blocks of your body that make up bones, muscles, tissues and even molecules and enzymes that produce the required chemical reaction. You literally are what you eat.

Andres, my friend and patient once surprised me by saying, "Doc, the converse is also true. You eat what you are. Feeling exhausted, weak and emotionally depressed because of the poisoning toxins, I crave food that will give me energy.

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But after a short burst of energy followed by decline, and the cycle repeats again and again. After the cleansing program do I crave only healthy food."

Addiction to toxic food is a classic symptom of the condition of lesion toxins. The toxins that cannot be withdrawn at once and linger in the blood, in a short time are deposited in the tissues and covered with slime. So the cells protect themselves. Mucus is a thick and sticky substance; it resonates with negative, toxic thoughts and emotions and draws them. The reverse is also true: negative thoughts and emotions contribute to the production of mucus in the tissues.


We shouldn'T treat

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Getting rid of mucus in the process cleanse program, you will stop craving the food, which contributes to its development. As you will provide your cells the much-awaited for them in nutrients that will recover natural your body's ability to regenerate and heal itself.

Abandoning the "dead" processed foods, you will gain a taste for living, healthy food that will fill you with vital energy. It was her and longed for Andres at the end of the third week of the program.published 


©Alekhandr Junger from the book "Revolutionary diet rejuvenation»


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