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Because of infidelity on the part of men breaks up approximately 60-70 percent of families. They say it's all about nature — she did the polygamous man and gave him absolution at all times. Supposedly one of the main purposes of the male – is the fertilization of a maximum number of females.

Caring for the cub and his education is not a priority from the point of view of animal instincts. But evolution still makes its own adjustments, and only one polygamous by nature clearly is not enough for your husband began to change.

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Most often the man is left with a banal boredom. Your family life becomes too monotonous and predictable (especially in the sexual sphere). The longer you live, the more you perceive their relationship as a given, not try to refresh, change for the better. After all, it seems to be so good. In fact, the routine and the monotony of the terribly tired, the man wants his woman was so desirable, continued to look after themselves, their appearance. He wants in bed was at least some diversity. If not, then the man is likely to change.

Two.A little communication.

Another common cause of infidelity – the wife too little attention not to themselves, namely her husband. This situation is common in families where the wife works a lot, rarely is at home. If the husband works a lot, to see they will be extremely rare, and it's bad for family relations.

Spouses also need to constantly get some kind of emotional response from each other, and if communication between them is practically no, there is no emotion. There is a need to search for it on the side.

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3.Quarrels and misunderstanding.

Often the cause of infidelity is a heated situation in the family. In other words, between husband and wife are constantly taking place some scandals, quarrels and even fights. This is a clear indication that you need to solve vital problems in the relationship, to understand that you are not satisfied with each other. The most important thing here is to understand whether there is between you love, are you ready to make efforts to normalize the situation.

4.Absence of love.

Sometimes it happens that the marriage is of convenience or at an early age with the active participation of parents. It is clear that hardly there is a speech about some kind of love. In the best case, the spouses get used to each other and will experience a warm family feeling. After some time, the husband may find another woman that will really like, and here the likelihood of infidelity will depend only on the fortress of your marriage and the terms on which it was signed.

5. The belief that cheating is normal.

Much depends on how he raised a man. Perhaps his father regularly cheated on his mother, and for anybody it not a secret. Or the same situation happened among his friends and acquaintances. If the brain of men formed a strong understanding that cheating is the norm, then here is that any change will be very difficult. published 





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