The worst defect is to live your life

Three days ago I repeated after Bulgakov: "there is No Vice worse than cowardice." Then I realized that being a coward is not a defect but a choice. Cowardice is always relative to others. Sin is anything we do in relation to itself.

I don't know a greater Vice, than to live your life.

We so easily abandon themselves. Go to the institutions that we choose the parents. Create a family because "it is necessary". Having kids because "it's time". Make a career, to make daddy proud and defending of the thesis, because my mom will have something to brag to your friends.

We forget what it means to dream. Depreciate their desires. Voluntarily locking ourselves within four walls and close the doors with the key, which is called "common sense."

Change adventures on the stability, love for money, the flea.

We're talking daughters: "do Not fantasize, girls can't drive a spaceship". We do not allow his sons to cry, "You're the boy, you must be strong".

We stop looking at the sky. We try to run faster than others, but somehow always end up not where you wanted.

We choose the lipstick as a girlfriend. The car is not worse than the neighbor. Booking hotel as advertised. We are very easy to follow tips. Read trendy books. Dress like stylists recommend. Crying over movies about other people's love.

We do many different things with only one purpose – to stop listening to yourself. To stop to answer the question: "what do I want for myself. Not mom, not dad, not husband, not a fashion critic, what do I want?".


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What I want — I don't know. About the wishlist and batteries

Everything you read here, I have written about myself. I'm not gonna lie, I managed to escape. I always make decisions by following his heart and not obligations.

Perhaps now I stand at the crossroads and don't know where I should go.
But I do know that the back is not turning. And I don't want to betray yourself.published


Author: Elena Pasternak


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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