How offended the signs of the zodiac

Each sign of the Zodiac protect the planet and these planets give people certain traits. Rams make people happy, the Bulls are not poor, with the Twins fun, Lions do not tolerate competitors, Virgo love solitude, Cancers can be a hypnotist, Libra and Aquarius complement each other, Scorpio has a huge resistance and how the Phoenix can rise again, Sagittarians want to make an impression, Capricorn staggering partner, Fish can remain calm in the face of danger and panic from nonsense.

Knowing in advance how will behave in a particular Zodiac sign, you can avoid many problems and learn will take revenge on you this man or not. Here's how react to the offense:



1. Aries.

Aries in conflict situations assertive and aggressive. He likes to "let off steam" and to prove his innocence, but to hold a grudge on you, he will not. Aries is incredibly intense, but after a quarrel quickly regret his actions and seeks to mitigate his guilt. Perhaps he will give you something or invite the guests, as if nothing had happened. However, to ask for forgiveness and to remember the former quarrel, he will not. Aries — easily appeased and forgiving people, so to take revenge they do not know.

2. Taurus.

If you have gained strength and decided to make all of the Calf, to run away from where you started to sort things out is useless. Raging bull worse than a beast, he will demolish everything that gets in his eyes. But to get to this condition the Calf is not so easy, he is convinced that all of life's problems should be solved peacefully. In matters not related to his personality (criticism Taureans can't stand), you are unlikely to piss him off. Taurus is thick-skinned, he likes to hold petty grievances to yourself. But to listen to hundreds of moralizing and whining prudent Taurus you have, if you dared to contradict him. Taurus remembers a grudge for a long time and often permanently severs relations with those who disappointed him. To apologize to the Calf — not the best solution, he is offended very much and often the rest of your life remember. Despite the fact that you'll be sweet and tender, it is sure to someday take revenge for past wrongs.

3. Gemini.

No need to hurt the Twins if you don't want to lose sight of him in the near future. At the slightest conflict, the Twins are looking for ways to protect themselves from unnecessary showdown and resentment. He may go somewhere or lost on the job, not to mention the disagreement that happened to you. If still you managed to drag him into the quarrel, then be prepared to hear all about yourself and what you do not even know. Verbal flow from the lips of the Twins will be that you will feel deep in the mud. Manhandling the massacre will not be there, but the hope is that the Twin about the incident again, should not be. Representatives of this sign of unwanted people simply crossed off of my life.


4. Cancer.

Treat Cancer very carefully, like with a baby. Any joke or badly spoken word can deeply offend the representatives of this sign. Even your intonation when speaking or silence becomes a matter of creating a big problem with hand Cancer. To prove and explain Cancer his innocence is useless. He does not understand the rigorous logic of the mind, it is best to accept the nature of Cancer and not to create conflict situations. Cancer is deeply sensitive and vulnerable, it also presents a sophisticated deceit. If you are deeply offended by Cancer, don't expect that you will be able to avoid his revenge.

5. Lion.

Resentful lion starts to behave formally and cold. If during an argument you'll hurt his ego, insulting him and underestimating his talents, it's likely that you'll get a slap, or a slap in the face.

They do not hide their emotions, and once satisfied the offender a storm of scandal, Recalling to him all that he still managed to mess things up during their acquaintance.Moreover, the representatives of this sign intemperate language and know exactly how to respond to insult so offended their people could not come to himself. Strike the word "patient" – a signature style of the lions. However, to hold a grudge, they can not instantly flaring up, they also cool down quickly. And remember caused the offense only after the next insult. Find out the relationship with a Lion, not losing the dignity, calmly discuss all the issues that you care about. If you manage to keep a certain amount of respect, most likely, later the lion will become your patron.

6. Virgin.

Virgin suffer from low self-esteem. A simple joke or comment can hurt the feelings of the representatives of this Sign. To find out with the right attitude, the virgin will not. She likes to have things organized and be sure to bring it started to end. First, the virgin shall write you in the "black list", but after some time reminds you of the hurt and Express all. If you have to discuss a topical issue with Virgin, first convince her that you treat her well, and then lay out the reasons for their dissatisfaction. The offended virgin will threaten you and make plans of vengeance, but in any sprained the moment she is not wanting, she will get back at you.

7. Libra.

Libra touchy as children. During an argument he quickly lost, and finds words for his defense. But heard the unpleasant words, it comes in a deep state of mental disharmony and looking for those who would have regretted it. Talk, ready to listen to the offended representative of this Sign, be aware of which you're a disgusting and nasty person. So if you don't want to become the object of perelivania bones and gossip, try not to clash with him. Revenge Scales do not know, a simple apology or gift enough that he forgot all the insults.

8. Scorpio.

To live with a Scorpion under the same roof is not easy, and to prove his innocence is a futile exercise. Scorpio craves conflict situation itself provoke the family scandals. For any hurtful words aimed at the Scorpion, you will receive an immediate and hasty response. Fists for you Scorpio will lash out, but his angry words "sting" you in the heart. Any conflict or scandal adds energy to it, and those who were able to hurt him will have to be always on the alert. Revenge hurt Scorpio with a special passion, putting in this business all their strength and mental abilities.

9. Sagittarius.

Sagittarius does not like to quarrel and patiently ignores a deaf ear to hurtful words. But if you managed to catch him alive, then a huge scandal is not avoided. To localize the bloated fire is not easy. Sagittarius knows how to "do flies from the elephant." During quarrel it is not necessary to remember him past wrongs, all that was once, for Sagittarius is irrelevant. Offended Sagittarius harsh and rude, but after a quarrel he regrets. Enough the next day after a fight colourfully to tell him about something from your life or to be interested in his Affairs, so he gave up on all the wrongs hand.

10. Capricorn.

Capricorn conscientiously and honestly tries to solve all the problems. All quarrels and troubles are greatly affected, a long time he touches them in the head and looking for possible options for the reconciliation. All this time the Capricorn looks completely overwhelmed and tired. But really, to offend the Capricorn can only criticizing his professional qualities. If the Capricorn you do not like, then bypasses it you will have a kilometer. To take revenge he will not, but trust you of assignments or solving important problems he can't. If you do not wish to have serious trouble at work or family, after a quarrel with the Capricorn, immediately admit their mistakes and reassure him that you criticized him not out of malice, but for the General case.

11. Aquarius.

Aquarius — the people unpredictable. They can make jokes while fighting or obstinately silent, paying no attention to the words you expressed resentment. To prove his innocence, to shout or to engage in hand to hand combat, he will not. Aquarius can slam the door and leave the house in quarrels, and then it will not be long to notice you. From the minute like Aquarius offended at you, to him you are not a friend. Therefore, in order not to lose the trust of Aquarius, no need to criticize him and imprison. Otherwise very easy to lose it. Revenge Aquarius does not know how.

12. Fish.

Offended the Fish very quickly, but hurt her so that she will want you to take revenge impossible. Fish is easy to forget grudges and revenge only words, but no matter. After fighting the Fish is silent, and a long walk with an injured face, this time she will complain to relatives and tell them about what you a bad person and how ugly it got.

If there is no person with whom she could share their grief, the Fish goes into his inner world for a long time and goes through your hurtful words in my head. "I had to remind him about it!", "Why I didn't answer him this way?", "Does he really think that?" — here are the questions do not give rest to the Fish after the fight. To establish a relationship with the aggrieved Fish is not difficult, she'll forget everything as soon as you tenderly and warmly refer to it. Fish most often are calm and reasonable. So if you hold off and criticize, they hurt you will not.


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