Boredom and 2 the causes of adultery

Statistics gives the unpleasant figures: according to extensive polls and surveys, cheating on their regular partners 75% of men and 45 percent women. At least, those who confessed.

Based on the fact that traitors tend to hide their adventures, but one drop at all except for sin, numbers can be even more daunting. Meanwhile, the betrayal — the worst thing in personal relationships can suffer. Stress on a scale treason is a higher position than the death of a loved one — at least in some cases. Another unpleasant statistic — at least one child out of ten has a different biological father.



Previously, the punishment for treason relied most severe — including the death penalty. One Indian Princess, her husband gave orders to cut off nose. Mutilated wife he sent back to her father, who was a kind and educated. From this story we know about the first plastic surgery: visokosnyy the doctor cut out a piece of skin from the forehead of the Princess, turned, formed the semblance of a nose and sewn in place cut off of the body. It is unknown if went to benefit the Princess a harsh lesson, but that is the way it is now is plastic, the damage to his nose.

That only did not do with unfaithful lovers: flayed, thrown off a cliff, were crammed into a monastery. Fierce great-grandfather of Pushkin, the romantic Negro of Peter the Great, suspecting his wife of infidelity, beat her with a whip, pre-hung to the iron rings. Pushkin himself, is rumored to hit his wife, Natalia Goncharova, terribly jealous of her, forcibly taken away from the balls and generally "behaved unacceptably" in the words of one contemporary. What ended up the jealousy of the poet we all know. The Emperor Claudius had his wife Messalina, so dissolute and debauched that her name is still used as a synonym of the well-known name-calling.

Interestingly, Claudius ordered Messalina to be executed only when her infidelity turned into a direct conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor. And then, after the execution of Claudius was sent to his wife, completely forgetting that she had already executed. Peter

The first lover wife ordered to cut off the head, and which gave to the wife-traitress in pickled form, in a glass jar. Napoleon was cheating on his beloved Josephine, and in that time, while he was in a dangerous military campaigns and business trips. The family immediately notified of the future Emperor, enclosing a detailed report, with whom, when and how many times. "I was going to be crowned with the crown of the head of this woman, and she crowned my horns" — sadly he wrote to his friend; the letter fell into the hands of the British and this caused a General mockery of the deceived Napoleon. They are Josephine still made it up, too heartbreaking, she begged for forgiveness, but Napoleon eventually lost interest in her, so ardently beloved previously. And when it's time to think about the heirs to the throne, he divorced her and married a Princess of Royal blood. But before the divorce he quietly and busily even changed the one that had been his goddess.

To tolerate the cheating or end the relationship? To punish or to forgive?

When Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist, found out about the cheating husband, the equally famous sculptor Diego Rivera with her own beloved sister, she was on the verge of suicide. She immediately broke up with the traitor and divorced him. The couple after some time realized that can't live without each other, agreed — but the old relationship to return. Frida died young, after her left and Diego from testicular cancer. However, the artist also had a lover — Trotsky. But from the betrayal of Trotsky suffered terribly his aged wife Natalia Sedova.

Trotsky had survived his betrayal, when he broke the ax head, he managed to tell his wife about his love, asked for forgiveness... it was Not easier and the wife of the writer Bunin, the Faith of Muromtsevo; the writer does put the young mistress in her own house, calling her his Secretary.Proudly and tragically experienced Faith abusive situation, no one is complaining, trying to save the honor of the Nobel laureate. Another Nobel laureate, physicist Landau, and she brought a mistress into your home, spending time with them in front of his wife. And even then boasted high ratios; they say, the spouse only care about one thing: was he okay with another passion. Torn is the heart of the poor woman — we can only guess. But the ending of the life of the great physicist is very significant: he got hit by a car, turned into a helpless idiot disabled person, and until his death was completely dependent on others.

According to numerous studies, those business men who cheated on their wives, during the year experienced difficulties with the business, and sometimes it came to total bankruptcy.

Portrait of a traitor is pretty simple; at least, distinguish two kinds of them: either people with low self-esteem, need for attention, or selfish, that the fact of infidelity do not see anything wrong. To change tend unstable psychopaths, i.e. people who are extremely easily influenced, not having the will and self. Provokes adultery and alcohol.

Causes of infidelity, according to researchers, are the following factors:

  • boredom and dissatisfaction;
  • the desire to take revenge on the partner;
  • fear of attachment (search for fallback).

German psychologists have identified the symptoms of infidelity: it is the coldness of the partner, his desire to look after themselves, to dress, to use perfume. Women no longer cook at home or do it very reluctantly. A traitor irritable towards a partner, maybe in front of strangers is rude to criticize him, especially his looks and mind. The man's nature to blame others for their sins... Lost interest in sexual life, although at first it may instead be too violent only in the arms of others they represent. It is also the periods of deep meditation, detachment, similar to a hypnotic state.

How important is loyalty is a deeply realized scholar all the dark depths of the human psyche Dostoevsky. Already dying, he managed to say to his wife: "I have always loved you and never cheated on you". But the writer was severe, irritable epileptic, a former convict, was losing money and jewelry of his wife in a casino, lured, threatened, insulted, left the family without a piece of bread... After his death his wife never remarried, and although widowed young; all her life she dedicated to the memory of her late husband. Maybe it influenced the choice of fate his last words — before his death telling the truth.

Another thought-provoking information in 85% of cases, those who suspect someone in cheating, are right. published

Author: Anna Kiryanova


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