"Sometimes you want to be that woman-a woman..." Great lyrics

Thirty million eight hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred seventy

The website publishes blank verse Polina Sanaevoj, which, in our view, reflects a remarkable dreamy, changeable as a spring breeze, the character of a female. Sometimes you want to be that woman-woman
Ring bracelets,
to fix the hair
and are they still falling,
the fragrance Guerlain,
pull ring
food "how lovely!",
there is little in the restaurant
"I just have a salad".

Don't be ashamed neckline
On the contrary, unbuttoning
It is no coincidence,
Top pugovok.
Get used to expensive stockings
And byustgaltery to buy
Only "Lejaby".

To have two lovers,
Easy to pull money
"you know I don't walk",
"this coat would fit my needs"...
Not loving any of them.
"And then in a coffin
Remember Lansky".

And sometimes you want to be intelligent lady
Sew a long black dress,
Buy black turtleneck
About which Tatyana Tolstaya said
That they are the ones who
Internally free.

If you smoke, then certainly with a mouthpiece,
And that it didn't look
Sometimes go to the cupboard,
To remove the dictionary from the shelf,
just to CLARIFY the word
speak into the phone: "I need to finish the article,
got a call today from the editor",

To talk about smart at cocktail parties,
And on his chest, and ears that
— antique silver
With pink coral
Or turquoise.

So far in the office
The corridor to the left
sitting at the computer husband is a scientist,
The love with which
Would last forever.
That all said

To his owner
on the bedside table,
before you turn off the light in the bedroom
he said
"Honey, you look pale,
Go tomorrow to the Professor

And sometimes you just need to be
A cold, calculating bitch.
And the big boss,
So everyone in the office pointed
And told the new guy:
It is a cold, calculating bitch
Going over the corpses.
Well, why so rude?
And why just "over the corpses"?
And you, girl, fired...
"I think I clearly set the task",
Call beautiful secretaries
Right in the eye.
Not because they are fools, but because it is beautiful.

Top management salary
To spend on luxury cosmetics,
And that gold card million
With crazy discounts...

Collecting contemporary art
Hang it
The bare walls in the office
And in a huge empty apartment,
Where on the dryer in the kitchen
One Cup, one spoon
And two stools
at the bar.

To speak to the man:
A pathetic loser,
That is, no — suuuuuuuper.
Argue that Masturbation
— it is a popular,
And sleep with the cat
("he is family!"),
Which feeds the housekeeper.

And sometimes you want to be his for all
In the Board.
With short hair,
And dye your hair, lips and nails orange,
And walk in big green boots
Indian bag sack,
With headphones in my ears,
With ropes on the wrist
All the time everywhere late,
Yelling in the Smoking room:
"I'm such a coffee shop has opened!",
"Have you tried holotropic breathing? —
And so much smoke from the ears.

Awash with impressions,
No time to sleep
To gather in Goa
In February.

To sit in the office for "poppy",
That all hung around
multi-colored stickers
reminder: "to come up with a gift Maschke",
"remind Vitka about dinner on Wednesday,"
"buy a new ski".

On the desktop, so that photographs of children
In the pool and in the ocean
Portraits of dogs Labrador (deceased),
And a bearded man in a strange yellow cap.

To be married life
For a classmate
Which in twenty years, imagine
Never threw
A single trick.

Di even put up with all these
Friends, parties, extravagance
And unwashed dishes.
"Will you pick me up at eight?"
"Absolutely, baby".

And sometimes you want to shave on the plain,
And tie a handkerchief,
To wash in the bath soap,
But the smell some
Wormwood there, or mint.
To learn to pray,
To read about the saints,
To observe fasts,
Call him Seraphim
To substitute, at least mentally,
the other cheek
"You wanted me to. So. Hallelujah.
I hand slapping me
— a whole".

Radiate kindness,
And that is accessible so
Shine from unutrennimi Harmonie.
Bring out the Holy water in the cylinder,
To put it in the fridge
And when the dreary soul
To wash it
And advise moms,
What if the child has a temperature,
Simply sprinkle,
And that it really helped.

And sometimes you want to be the hostess,
With a capital H.
That all sama-sama
And by their own recipes.
"Charlotte and I do"
And away we go...

On the shelf jars with spices,
Glass bowls
Rice, peas, sugar.
And where it says
"Flour", there's really flour
And not on the bottom of an old welding.

In the locker
towels in a pile,
Laid out
according to colors and sizes,
Between the starched sheets
Branches of lavender
And something
Very unnecessary
What is called
Dry and rustling
The word sachet.

And how?
On the windowsill a basin
With cherry jam —
"twice boiled",
Bowl — foam,
On the table the cabbage
Own ferment.

But in the house, milf,
well I have to have other snacks...
When collected,
And learn
At least the pasta
To cook properly
To go
not the corner store,
A market
Know that last week
tomatoes cost less
three of the ruble,
Mushrooms, on the contrary,
Cheaper (have to take),
And the meat is the same price...

To touch it on the counter,
Instantly discern
all the vile intentions
"Imagine, he wanted me to slip..."

Sometimes, just like that
There is something roasting and steaming,
To decorate the salad
pour the soup
In porcelain supnik
With curly handles
And shout towards the living room
Dinner's ready!
Go out to dinner.

And terribly want to go to waitresses,
Buy false eyelashes
And full
Darya Dontsova.
To learn how to walk in heels
Flirting with the visitors
So that they are more
Left for tea
To say, but try "carpaccio",
It is very are remarkable.

Going to the movies,
To save for a car. Throw the bartender,
Spinning with the chef-Italian
Hanging on the Board
As an employee, roll out the maximum number of suckers
On expensive French wine
They never tell
From the Crimean.

Drink all you want hot chocolate
From the machine,
And have to love Greek salad.

And what we have in reality?
While only
Black turtleneck sweater.

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