14 simple tricks that all your gadgets will Shine like new

Every modern man enjoys daily at least 2-3 gadgets. And, of course, all this technology requires careful, and most importantly, proper care.

The website has already checked on their own devices, these 14 care tips and recommends them to his readers.

1. Lint roller get rid of dust on the speakers

Just walk in a roller column, and all the dust will stick to it. In some cases this procedure even enhances the sound quality.

2. Headphones are easy to clean with a toothbrush

Instead of trying to get the dirt out of the mesh headphone with a toothpick, use junk toothbrush. Put it on the table paper or a towel, turn headphones the mesh down and carefully clean them with a brush.

3. Dirt wires can be removed with a normal eraser

Experience shows that cleaning of wires by liquids with alcohol content can make them sticky or even lead to faulty operation of the device. Prefer alternative and gently remove the dirt with a conventional eraser.

4. Maisonny brush is the perfect tool for cleaning headphone jacks

The size of this brush is exactly the same size headphone Jack, which makes it an indispensable acquisition. Please note: before you clean the connector, the gadget must be turned off.

5. To clean the keyboard, suitable adhesive tape

All the dirt from keyboard surface will instantly adhere to the sticky side of the tape, and you effortlessly get rid of her.

6. The screens of gadgets, better to clean fabrics, microfibre

Paper towels is strictly prohibited for cleaning gadgets: they can scratch the screen.

7. Coffee filters will save your screen from dust

They are perfect for cleaning because they contain no lint, and so they will not scratch the screen surface.

8. Use simple, homemade plate for the purification of the usb ports in the laptop

For making this simple device you will need:

  • elastic stick or disc
  • superglue
  • a synthetic material to clean (e.g. Velcro)
Glue the piece of material to the prepared plate, the width of which for convenience should be slightly narrower than the usb connector. In this case a drop of glue better to smear on the surface of the material does not have any cones. After the glue dries, clean all the necessary contacts.

9. Quickly and without disassembly clean the laptop from dust with a vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the notebook from dust in the home should focus on ventilation grilles, which are located at the bottom of the computer. The best device to remove dust from these holes is a vacuum cleaner. To properly remove all dirt from your device and not to harm his work, follow the following algorithm:

Turn off the laptop. Steadily place it on the edge of an open book. Take an ordinary vacuum cleaner and remove the nozzle. Place the included pipe cleaner to the ventilation grating and hold it there for 2-3 minutes. 10. A toothpick helps to remove the dirt from the charger port

The most common reason that the smartphone stops charging, contamination of the charger connector. To clear the port will help ordinary toothpick or something sharp and wooden. Note: in no case do not use metal objects!

11. Wipe the glass screens of phones and tablets in plain brown paper

Paper is perfect for cleaning onlyglass screens, so in any case do not use it on plastic and liquid surfaces. It is still a great way to get rid of scratches on tablet screen or phone. Circular motion power trowel scratches — in most cases they disappear in a few minutes.

12. Remove scratches from smartphone screen in the title

To smartphone not suffered in the course of procedures for getting rid of scratches, power it off and gently cover the masking tape all the buttons, MIC holes and ports on the front and side panels. Then squeeze a bit of cream and RUB in a circular motion on the screen with a soft cloth.

13. Correctly clean the earpiece of the smartphone

Take the small brush with hard bristles, petrol lighter fuel or alcohol, and a small vessel for liquids. Dip the brush into the vessel, and then be sure to wring it, making a stroke on any flat surface or paper. Slightly damp brush, wipe the gap dynamics of flowing movements until, until it becomes perfectly clean. In doing so, ensurethe liquid in no case did not get on the smartphone screen.

14. Remove dirt from the speaker and side keys of the phone with a toothbrush

In addition to brushes, you do not need any special cleaning products. Holes of the earpiece speaker is not recommended to clean with gasoline — so you risk damaging them. Flowing like the movements of the toothbrush clean the entire surface of your smartphone from dirt and dust accumulated in inaccessible places and in the dynamics between the keys. This method can be used to clean the SIM card tray.

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