What I want — I don't know. About the wishlist and batteries

Everything we do — to us for anything you need, just necessary. And all, without exceptions and reservations. There is always the goal, precise and specific. Since the action takes place — there is an internal motivation to a specific outcome. And the result we always get.

We always get what we really want.

Do we like the result — an interpretation of consciousness. On a subconscious level, everything is perfect, accurately and on time.

On a conscious level, we can fantasize endlessly. On an unconscious fantasies do not exist. But it is the unconscious drives our actions.

Easier for example.

Decided to engage in physical activity. Either read something, or looking in the mirror fails, not the point — the decision was made!

Found the hall, next to the house, and Parking is free. Super! A subscription for a year? Okay, so far for six months. Just in case.

Costume, sneakers. Not in the old! Socks, t-shirt! Super! All branded, cool and not expensive.

The first lesson? No, I can not tomorrow, after tomorrow, on Thursday, the most it! Well done-I what till Monday to postpone did not!

At work I could not resist telling everybody, even new sneakers showed.

Super! Self-esteem rocket upwards, at least for the tail hold.

Thursday. All day in anticipation. In the evening, in a new costume, sneakers. And on a treadmill at the gym, and in front of the mirror...

The soul and the thoughts are already tucked up, and health over the edge, and belly cubes, a smile, a little indulgent! What is — Ah!

...A week trip, then a party, then. Time missed, two, three...

And the first pangs. What, after all, for yourselves!? Because he decided!? What about the cubes?..

And already make myself, and the joy attract.

And "Bobby died"! The battery ran out.

Self — esteem- into the abyss! Again, nothing happened! Although trying to get yourself. And money is a pity. But it is clear that once again nothing happened.

In fact, it turned out, as always and exactly what I wanted.

That's the whole thing, that was exactly what I wanted. Even a little more.

Question — what did you like?

To each of our wishlist — the battery attached. To dream of a battery or even a generator with a specific fuel. And fuel this or charge more than enough for any true realization of our desires, dreams.

But only at the realization of what you really want, and not to the imagination of our consciousness.

And we want sometimes some very interesting things. Not infrequently you just want to want. And this is the ultimate goal — the result.

Often you just want to try. And to try the action itself.

The options are endless.

In the example, the end goal ended in the first lesson. At this point, all wishes were satisfied.

And the joy of buying new shoes (something I have not bought yourself), and the choice of the hall, talking to the administrator, and at work boasted, and the dream had in front of him to show off. You only have to try yourself to make sure that I have nothing on the level (or, conversely, about the hunchback, remember, which is not correct), people in the hall to look, itself to show...

All! The real wishlist is over. The objectives are achieved.

There are only fantasies of consciousness about health, six-pack stomach, figure slim... But it is a charge and the fuel is not calculated — the horse is dead, and better off.

To understand and most importantly accept these things, not so difficult. Need honesty, sincerity with yourself. The difficulty here is one — in the longstanding habit of lying to yourself. And nothing more.

The true motives and desires we always feel. It feel, not think or talk. But the feelings we trust we are not accustomed. So it happened.

The example is a tiny, insignificant episode. But there are very significant actions that affect the years of our lives.

Whom to marry, whom to study, what to do... Mistakes here years of your own life are measured. You can fix everything but the scars remain.

Closer to listen to him is. Unconsciously we always know what it is you want. And it turns out we have the best way.

And in the unconscious options are available, but the direction it does not bend. And when we deviate from this direction, problems arise. Energy we lack for motivation chase, fight with laziness.

And feel that something is wrong. But what? And how to fix it? And we feel that it is possible to fix it. And something correct. But something just don't understand. Not all consciousness can understand.published


Author: Boris Bork


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