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Autumn is often it seems to us that more strength left. The days are getting shorter, the motivation disappears and I just want to set your alarm clock for spring.

We are in the Website then remember the crib from Jans Gorbovskoy blog "Harmony Seeker". She offers to ask yourself at such moments, these 10 questions.


If it happened more than half an hour ago, drink a glass and just let yourself breathe.


If more than two or three hours ago, eat, but please, not a sandwich with jam, and something containing protein.

It's amazing how many dramas are instantly solved, is simply to eat. Our brain is a funny thing. When he is hungry, instead of force us to go to the nearest cafe or to the side of the fridge, it starts to pull the white light of the existential and social problems.


Lack of exercise, my fragrant gingerbread is something magical spells, calling on the demon of depression and fatigue. It would seem, dwell alone, and your energy will be full and will accumulate. But no. The evolution of us imprisoned on the movement, and our body energy is not taken out of nowhere.

And because the easiest way to give yourself some happiness and energy to run and to move for about forty minutes. If you have a gym nearby, go to him: about an hour after a strenuous workout your brain will get a dose of happy hormones and you will feel better.


Sometimes we feel helpless when we do not see the result of our actions. There is a cheat move: switch to a different activity where you have something finished.

Write a letter. Create playlists. Vacuum the room. Do something that will give you back a sense of control and give the feeling of "I'm good. I did."


This decision, unfortunately, is not fast, but even a one-time acceptance of apples with pears in the body can alleviate boredom.


Usually we wait for praise and approval from others, as expected from parents in childhood. But when we have grown up, parents should be themselves. And while we may wish for social approval, it is important not to forget to praise yourself.

This idea is difficult for some (I know, I've been there too), but doable. Inside (or outside) you always have something that you like in the depths of the soul.


If it was the day before, or even if it was recently, but not more than six hours, all decisions are postponed until the moment when it will sleep eight.

If you avoid making decisions impossible, call for help sleep friend and so often consulted. Even if his advice will cause irritation, still is a good chance that he's right and you just want to sleep (we have in the body there is no place which is not suffering, if you have not slept).


I will not reveal the secret of this trick, but it works as a focus with a rabbit from an empty hat. Find someone locally or on the network. Look closely at him or observe, or remember, what he can do. Find a reason to genuinely — genuinely — to praise him. Do it (still sincerely). Drink a Cup of tea, get back to business.


Embrace one of the most important things in life. Children who are little hug, grow anxious and irritable. Adults don't hug, get sick more often and you get tired faster.

If you have not cuddled with someone, don't hesitate to ask about the friends hug or cuddle the cat/dog. Five minutes warm hugs can save the world, not to mention your mood and strength.


A huge pile of tasks at work, enhanced training, frequent arguments with loved ones — all this may not seem important to us, but sucks power like on the sly. If you objectively done and worked a lot/nervous/worked, drink water, find a horizontal surface and lie down, tucked under his pillow.

Breathe: slowly breathe in for five cycles, hold at the top, and exhale slowly for eight. Again repeat. So lie down for ten minutes, watching the breath and focusing on the thoughts that will come to mind.

Take care of yourself.

Source Harmony Seeker
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