12 reasons why you should never give up.

At some point in different aspects of their lives with us there comes a time when we feel as if giving up. Sometimes we give up even before things start, and at other times just give up before making this huge breakthrough to success, because we understand how much effort it takes to make this.
Collected here are 12 reasons why you should never give up, I hope that you find your cause before the surrender in advance, and it will inspire you to something to move on.

1. As long as you are alive, everything is possible
The only valid reason that you can give is your death. As long as you are alive (health and free), you have a choice to make attempts to the final success.

2. Be realistic
The probability of development of something right the first time is very small. Everything takes time to learn it, and you will make mistakes. Learn from them.

3. You are strong
You are stronger than you think. One little failure is not enough to stop you in achieving your success. It will also be insufficient, and 10 and 100, and 1,000 failures.

4. Get
If you do not want to be known as someone else, it is a weakness, and talks about what you give. Come out and show yourself to the world, as well as himself. You can and will achieve that intended to do. You fail only when the surrender.

5. Does it before?
If someone else could do it, so can you. Even if only one person in the world has managed to achieve what you want. This should be reason enough for you to never give up.

6. Believe in your dreams
Do not betray yourself. In life there are many people who tell you what you want to achieve the impossible. Do not let anyone ruin your dreams.

7. Your family and friends
Let the people you love, be your inspirations on what to continue to work to move forward. Perhaps you will want to try to see the other point of view, to learn more, practice more, but never give up.

8. There are people worse off than you
Right now there are many people who are in a worse situation, and in the worst environmental conditions than you are now. Would you like to give up jogging 5 kilometers? Think about the people who can not even walk, and how much they would be willing to pay for the opportunity to run for 5 kilometers every day.

9. To improve our world
When you reach everything you set out to achieve, you can use their success to make change in the world or in the lives of individuals.

10. You deserve happiness
Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You deserve happiness and deserve success. Keep this attitude and never give up until you reach your destination.

11. Encourage others
Is an inspiration to others, refusing to give up. Who knows what can be achieved by someone else because of the fact that you are never gave up, and thereby inspire others to not to give up.

12. You are so close
Often, when you feel you want to give up, you are so close to that, to make a huge breakthrough. At any moment of your time you are always just on the verge of success.


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