How to remove belly without exercises and diets! Fiction, minus 1.5.

From sedentary lifestyle the spine suffers. And about the extra inches in the waist and stomach and can not speak. Surprisingly, to improve the condition of the back, tighten the belly and flanks are possible, with just 5 minutes a day a simple manipulation!

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How to make a waist thesejapanese Dr. Fukuzumi for ten years conducted their research and developed a unique method of correction.

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The doctor came to the conclusion that one of the main reasons for the wide waist is incorrect positioning of the bones pelvis and podrebere. If you return them to their original position, the waist will become thin, the belly is flat and the posture is smooth. Surprisingly, using this method you can also slightly increase (due to the stretching of the spine).

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Methodology Fukuzumi
  1. Lie on a firm, level surface, by placing under the lower back roller directly under the navel. Relax.
  2. Move apart feet shoulder-width apart, connecting the big toes of the feet. Hold out your hands behind your head, placing your palms on the floor and connecting the fingers.
  3. Do not head back zaprokidyvaya and reach the top of the head to the opposite side of the coccyx.
  4. Lie down for 5 minutes. If it is too difficult to hold on, limited to first 2-3 minutes.
  5. To prevent damage to the spine, get up slowly, without jerks, at first rolled down with a roller on its side. If you have serious back problems before you consult with your doctor.

Watch the video a description of the method Fukuzumi!

It is difficult to describe the feeling when lying on the cushion! Body pleasantly stretched, each vertebra finds its place, all the tension just vanishes: only the lightness, the vigour and flexibility.

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After a month of such daily soaking my gymnastics the waist has decreased in volume 5 inches! 62 inches — so thin she has never been great progress.

Try that and you technique a Japanese doctor and do not forget to share your achievements!

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