The teenager was rude to mom, and friends, and in reply received this letter

How wise and true! Worth reading for both children and parents. In order to remember what's important.


“My dear 12-year-old son, my main goal is to teach you life.

The next time you want to roll your eyes and clown around in conversation with a mother who nurtured you for 9 months, remember this:

Remember that I love you.



Remember that I was holding your hand when the doctor was stitching you.

Remember how I supported you in all your competitions.

Remember, as I read you the same bedtime story 461 times... Every day for 6 months.

Remember how I "didn't notice" when you fed your Brussels sprouts to the dog.

Remember how we all rejoiced when you learned to ride a bike.

Remember today.

Today, the same day when you rolled your eyes. The tone of your voice hurt beyond words. It reminded me of myself in my teen years.

Your behavior took me years ago, so I couldn't say a word.

In the car with us were your friends, and the voice in my head asked:

"I deal with him now, in front of your friends, or wait until the evening when we're together? Please don't let me kill my child in front of friends."

And then I got the sign.

I heard a song sounding from the radio. It was “I want to know what love is” from Foreigner.

I started to sing the song louder and louder. I showed you and your friends that all is well.

I tried not to notice your horrific face. I sang the song and moved her to the beat.

When you and your friends got out of the car, I called you to the window. I smiled at you a wide smile and said, "you will Never speak to me like that."

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What have you learned today? Never underestimate your mother. Don't talk to her rudely. And never roll your eyes – especially when you're with friends. published






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