20 of Hollywood beauties who well sooo go long hair!

The profession involves constant creativity, and not only on set but in life. That's why Hollywood men are constantly changing their image, conquering the hearts of fans around the world. In the course are any tricks original outfits, hair color, hairstyle, and sometimes even makeup! By the way, about the hair. Lately in Hollywood it has become fashionable to grow hair. And you know what?

Some men is remarkably long and silky hair. The website invites the reader to see it in person.

Chris Hemsworth

Photo source: Ivi.gigacon Momoa

Jared Leto

Brad Pitt

Colin Farrell

Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp

Keanu Reeves

Ben Barnes

Karl Urban

Charlie Hunnam

Sean Bean

Viggo Mortensen

Tom Hiddleston

Matthew McConaughey

Gerard Butler

Mel Gibson

Josh Holloway

Hugh Jackman

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kit Harington

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