The 20 best movies of 2016, you have no right to miss!

Eighty one million one hundred forty seven thousand six hundred fifty four

Site warns: the mass and popular paintings in the list is not found. Only good movie that undeservedly remained in the shadow! Sing Street the Eighties of the last century. Dublin. To escape family problems and impress your favorite girl, guy gathers a band.

Goodfellas Los Angeles, 70s., Two private detectives are forced to work together despite the absolute lack of understanding. They are investigating the disappearance of a famous porn actress. Everyone thinks it's suicide... or not?

Love and friendship Susan Vernon is a widow. She decides to spend some time on the estate of relatives of her late husband. She plans to find a decent party for my daughter...and for themselves.

Any price Two brothers decide to defend the family ranch in West Texas. Their chances are far from zero, because one had visited the colony, and nother even my family couldn't keep. And yet they come up with a desperate plan to save his ranch.

Hunting the wild men of the Police tasked to find a rogue teen and his uncle who disappeared somewhere in the wild forests of New Zealand.

Cloverfield, 10 After a car accident, a woman wakes up in an unknown to her the house which is shelter. Living men claim that the world has undergone some chemical attack, and now this house is the only place where you can survive.

Captain fantastic father is a hermit who devoted themselves to the upbringing and education of six children, is forced to face the outside world, which does not agree with his principles of education.

Biological father Father, once released from prison, reunites with his daughter to save her from drug dealers.

Witch 17th century. Religious family, left England for the solitary life, is a victim of witchcraft, magic and dark forces.

Man — Swiss army knife Male, beached uninhabited Islands, makes friends with... a corpse. Together, they embark in a surreal journey, to finally come home.

All-seeing eye of Colonel Katherine Powell, a military officer. She directs the operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. Soon the question arises about the destruction of the terrorists, but would dare to kill a terrorist group is not so easy, because the affected area is the little girl. The film raises critical questions of war and really makes viewers think.

Cry In a small village comes a stranger, and shortly thereafter, the settlement covers the epidemic of the terrible disease. It takes a COP who must unravel the mystery of the unseen disease to save my daughter.

Don't breathe a trio of thieves trying to escape with the loot, accidentally falls into the house the blind men, which is not so helpless…

And the lights go out... When Rebecca learns that her brother suffers from the same visions that plagued her, she decides to find out what really is behind their fear. The result of their investigation, she comes face to face with a creature that has something to do with their mother.

Spell 2 ed and Lauren Uorene go in North London to help a single mother with four children in the house inhabited by evil ghosts…

Miracle on the Hudson the Real story of Chelsea Sullenberger, who in an emergency could land the plane on the Hudson river. With his skill, he saved the entire crew and passengers of your flight.

Kubo. The legend of the samurai, the Boy must find the armor of his father to crush a vengeful spirit, who came from the past.

La La Land love story of a jazz pianist and aspiring actress.

Don't think twice When a soloist of the theatrical group improvisations decides to take a break, the rest of the band — best friends — are beginning to realize that not all of them are ready to continue…

Little man Just started friendship students must be able to withstand a serious test of strength by the opposition of their parents.

Dachshund Opinion on the political system in General and dishonorable political campaign new York Congressman Anthony Weiner in particular.



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