Speak, man lives easier? ))

Veronica almost an hour sitting on a bench at the entrance to his and bitter, like a child, crying, wiping her cheeks tears mixed with inexpensive cosmetics. It was very bad. Life lost its meaning, and Veronica was absolutely indifferent and the way it looks, and few passers surprised looks (some, like, were her neighbors - three months is impossible to remember all the tenants of flats).

Tellingly, no one came up with an offer to help, but if I went - could run into, at best, failures, and at worst ... who knows what can a woman who has a serious problem?
 - Something happened to my daughter?
 Veronica wanted to answer rudeness, but stopped short time - in front of her was an elderly woman in a shabby coat. And the voice ... a kind, sympathetic.

- It happened ... - Veronica sobbed. - It's very bad.
 - And do not you cry, tears of sorrow will not help.
 - And who are you? - Tears dry on their own, and Veronica stranger suddenly wanted to tell everything, everything, and suddenly feel better?
 - Call me Aunt Lena, I'm all the way. Neighbors we, I'm from the eighty-ninth. Well, tell me about your grief. Although ... maybe me go up, drink some tea?
 - Yeah.

Ten minutes later, Veronica, sipping tea from a thick-walled ceramic bowls, complained of their fate:
 - I graduated with honors, master's writing, and the men in me only see a pretty face, slender legs, and all that is between them. I work 16 hours a day, seven days a week, to me the whole accounting department keeps. Glavbukh retires, I'm the only one who can take this place. So what? I come to the director say I'm ready, I begin to tell you how and what to change in accounting policies, which save on taxes ... but is it?
 - What is it?
 - And he said: "You know, there is one sign: the chief accountant to balance converge to sleep with the director." And so nasty grins ... with ... ka! Sorry, could not resist.
 - Nothing, nothing, my daughter. Maybe joked your director?
 - Yeah, and paw me sweaty hands together - also jokingly. All men - bastards, they should be only one. Peasants well if achieved something, then their work. A woman that had a post - then give to someone ... I'm sorry.
 - Yes, I recently one young man said the same thing, just how bad to be a man and how easy and good women.
 - A fool he is! Women intelligence and knowledge is not a career make. That men are much simpler and easier.
 - Well, tomorrow is another day ... come, lie down to sleep. You'll see everything settled.

The next morning she woke up in the body of Veronica young man. There was a lot of fun: it still half asleep found stubble on his chin, and the hair on my stomach ... but it's ... uynya compared to the feelings of the poor girl suddenly stumbled on the most that neither is a real sexual ... ui, and sticking is not within it and outside, and even in a state of erection. A week passed, Victor used to the new body, learned to shave and urinate standing (and this, I tell you, or you ... I'm not just) and went to get a job. Solid man in his forties wearing an expensive suit is clearly happy to read the summary.
 - Well, Viktor Yushchenko, the university diploma - in itself is a good recommendation. Yes, and you have a decent knowledge. In general, male accountant - is a rarity. When can you start work?
 - Yes, even now. I adopted?
 - Yes ... but there is one condition ...
 - I'm listening.
 - Today we have dinner together pupsik.



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