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Truskavets — one of the unique resorts in Ukraine in Lviv region. Located in the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians, in the picturesque gully river vorotishche, at an altitude of 350-400m above sea level, surrounded by low hills. Full of freshness green valley, rich in oxygen, air, ozone, warm, temperate continental climate and healing mineral water-all this creates extremely favorable conditions for rest and recovery.

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Truskavets is a resort city located in a large wooded Park. On its territory there are large reserves of underground mineral waters with 14 natural springs and resources of "mountain wax" — ozokerit. But, undoubtedly, the glory of the city brought a unique healing water "Naftusya". Therapeutic "Naftusya" of the Truskavets Deposit — bicarbonate, magnesium — calcium, low mineralization water with a high content of organic substances of oil origin. It has a specific taste and a slight odor of oil, especially for those who use the water for the first time.
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Truskavets Deposit has 25 mineral springs, but the most well known are "Maria", "Sofia" and "Bronislava". Sources are the main and most important feature of Maximus is therefore symbolic that one of them is in a temple and guarded by his angels!

In 1850 the Austrian mineralogist Glucker first called earth wax, ozokerite (from the Greek "DLR"-smell and "heroes" — wax). In European scientific literature, the mineral wax called mining, earth, mineral wax. The main reserves are 10 km from Truskavets in the town of Boryslav. This is a rare rock. Reserves, production, processing and quality of ozokerite the Ukraine firmly holds world leadership. Externally, the wax resembles beeswax, and colors in nature can be from yellow to brown. Truskavets ozokerite consists of a mixture of solid carbohydrates, genetically related oil it has a high heat capacity. Extraction of earth wax began in the late EIGHTEENTH century, simultaneously with the brine (oil). At different times the wax was used for making candles, skin treatment, medicine (for treatment of joints, injuries and gunshot wounds).

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