Rest in Truskavets. Friendly resort takes giving all year round!

Ninety four million twenty one thousand eight hundred two

Nowadays not only many Ukrainians, but also foreigners gladly go to rest in Truskavets. This choice is not accidental, as this unique place is considered a "pearl" of Western Ukraine and losing any degree of comfort tourist service known resorts in Europe.

Local resorts are working all year round. They take a huge number of visitors, encouraging a high level of service, offer numerous Wellness programs. A well-organized holiday in Truskavets allows you to improve your health, guaranteed to get a charge of vivacity and positive to all tourists without exception.

Useful and interesting holidays all year round!The location of the famous resort unique. It is located at the foot of the Carpathian mountains among the majestic forests, picturesque hills. Here you can safely go at any time. In Truskavets you will find something for everyone as lovers of winter, fans of the summer holidays.

In the cold season it attracts those who like extreme skiing, skate-boarding, sleigh ride with a horse sled. In the hot season, the offseason there are going to fans of Hiking among fascinating natural landscapes. Tourists have the opportunity:
  • visit interesting historical places;
  • horse riding;
  • swimming in natural pools with healing water;
  • tasting dishes Carpathian cuisine;
  • another fascinating pastime.

The famous resorts Truskavetskurort is known for its many health resorts. These tend to fall in those who wish to cure various acute chronic diseases. Qualified medical staff is always ready to offer standard or individually designed program of recovery.

Visitors resorts have the possibility of taking medicinal baths, mud treatment, body wraps. Thanks to the use of the local mineral waters could cure many diseases, spending gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, urinary system. Visitors are offered an effective program of cleansing the body, normalize the functioning of the nervous, immune and circulatory systems. In Truskavets you can improve the condition of the skin, to forget about chronic dermatitis, eczema, and many other unpleasant ailments.

In Truskavets not be bored!Truskavets — a place where certainly will not be bored tourists! Vacationers have the opportunity to try authentic local dishes, cooked in ovens, on barbecues under the open sky. If you want, you can get poisoned in restaurants offering delicacies from various world cuisines. Tourists can have fun in the Nightclubs, relax in the cosy bars.

Prices on trips to the resorts are quite affordable. You need to come here be sure to verify the high quality service, improve your health and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the lap of the amazing nature.


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