How to choose bath salts? Useful reommendation

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Bath filled with warm water with healing salts, brings real pleasure. For many people this is a kind of ritual that would not only allow a good relax, but also brings considerable health benefits.

Great assortment of salts for anncouncement manufacturers produce a variety of bath salts — compounds may have different properties, aromas. Wide range of products in this category is often a cause of problems with this. On the shelves you can see many packages with pretty labels, containing salt, evaporated from waters of different seas, hot springs, with mineral additives, are of organic origin.

The choice of salt for bathing — question responsible!Choose salt bath need to be competent. Not every part is able to be useful for a particular person. Of course, from the use of major kitchen salt should flatly refuse, since water treatment is special products.

Well established oceanic sea salt. They have healing, tonic effect on the human body. Sea water contains valuable substances that strengthen the immune system, eliminate swelling, raise stamina, activation of metabolic processes, normalize blood circulation. Also there is a sense to try bathing in water with added salts suppliers that are natural or mineral sources.

Commercially available compositions exhibit certain characteristics, unique features. For this reason, you should decide what effect should be achieved in the process of bathing. For example, water from ocean, sea salt is considered therapeutic. Swimming in water with the addition of mineral composition of the thermal spring has a relaxing, calming effect.

A review of the popular salt smeegle enhance the healing effect of producers practicing the addition of plant extracts to salt composition:
  • blend including sage, thyme, plantain have pronounced antibacterial properties;
  • due to the presence in the extracts of grapefruit, lemongrass, maybe taking a refreshing bath;
  • with the help of salt with chamomile, lemongrass, poured in the water, you can relax and calm down;
  • the product is supplemented with fir extract, eucalyptus oil is recommended for symptoms of colds, edema on the skin;
  • the composition of the ginseng extract will have beneficial effects on the body as a whole;
  • salt bath with rose oil makes the skin perfectly soft, clean, reduce irritation.

Physicians, cosmetologists recommend purchasing salt compositions produced by well-known brands that guarantees 100% quality products. Before using salt you should read the instructions on the package, pay attention to ingredients. The composition should not assign substitutes, synthetic additives. Crystals gray with a cubic shape are saying about the good quality of the mixture. Too bright the color of the salt should be alert. It indicates the presence in the composition of the components of chemical origin that may become the causes of skin allergies.


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