Creative dining room for journalists from Der Spiegel

The office of the German magazine Der Spiegel has moved to new premises of the publishing house HafenCity in Hamburg (Germany). 520 square meter social space stylish dining room of the headquarters, a design project which was developed by experts from the architectural Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, quoting the culture of the iconic interiors of the 1960s.

The unique design of the ceiling is a visual highlight of the space. The ceiling consists of 4230 circles made of micro-perforated aluminium. Tables, lighting, wavy lines on the floor and color accents divide the space into major areas.

Yellow color creates a positive atmosphere in the dining room, even in the cloudy days. Glossy countertops otzerkalivayut spectacular ceiling, creating a surround spatial dynamics. Led lighting system imitates the rain, stopped his path, providing comfort and comfort of visitors served.

Living a dynamic space designed to create a creative atmosphere for communication, rest and relaxation, which is not sleepy, but stimulates the imagination and freshness of perception.

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