Care about the bust

To the chest and neck caused the admiring glances, it is very important to properly care for them! Beautiful neckline is one of the main secrets of female attractiveness. But beauty will not bring joy if there are problems with breast health. This is particularly important to remember now, going to resorts in hot countries.

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       What rules should be followed at the beach?

Soaking up the sun, keep the measure. On the one hand, the sun is the source of vitamin D, an excellent remedy for depression. But if you stay under the scorching rays for hours, it may start the process of skin cancer, lead to changes in hormonal and immune status. So don't go to the beach in the scorching heat.

To escape from the merciless UV rays, hide from them under an umbrella or clothes. Do not sunbathe Topless sunburn is primarily exposed soft skin, decollete.

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        Can a diet to maintain the beauty of the breast?

Often in the diet include foods rich in vitamins A, E and C (carrots, apricots, spinach, citrus). It is equally useful for cabbage, but on the bust it does not affect. Also try to eat bread made from bran, cereals whole grains on the water.

And don't forget about antioxidants — substances that prevent the formation of malignant cells. In addition to fruits and vegetables they are found in green tea, red wine, nuts. But restrict consumption of fatty, fried, salty food.

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