Fantastic project of Tobias Rivella: mushrooms, which will provide the city with electricity

Artist and designer Tobias Revell showed a future where the great city of new Mumbai exists thanks to the energy-generating machinery of the mushroom. In his sci-Fi "documentary" film Revell talks about the incredible organic world.

Story submitted by Tobias Rivellon is that in the future research laboratory of synthetic biology found that Indian thieves stole samples brought back from Amsterdam mushrooms, quickly adapting technology to public and their personal needs. As a result, the mushrooms acquired a truly giant size. Magic mushrooms has received the demand on the black market, this led to the development of trade, and the standard of living of ordinary people due to these fungi has increased an unusual, but safe for the environment.

The pseudo-documentary film by Tobias Rivella shows how the mushrooms grow quickly and begin to collect solar energy, which provides light and heat, like an organic solar battery. These mushrooms can even provide energy to the whole building.

Some grow so strong that it can be used as shelter, parts of building structures or spaces for growing grain. The benefits of their use becomes even greater when residents of Dharavi, the slums of Mumbai, discover the new features of fungi: porous surface absorbs water from the seasonal rains, which you can collect and use for drinking water supply. This significantly improves living conditions in poor areas of the city.

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