Robot Builder 3D and solar energy

3D designing is one of the most exciting technologies that has emerged in the field of design. Not so long ago the world was presented to robots that can create almost everything: from furniture to food. It is now possible to live in the house, created by the robot 3D. And it really is a real opportunity afforded by "Stone Spray" — automated 3D robot that can build houses out of sand and for work which requires only solar energy.

Today there are a lot of concepts and also real innovative projects that use 3D printers. Most likely in the near будущем3D the printer is in the mandatory list of the usual home appliances. Today in the world there are innovative projects that involve the use of 3D printers, but an automated robot 3D Stone Spray offers to build a real creative home.

Although the draft is still at the initial stage, the robot "Stone Spray" shows great potential to create clean 3D compositions. Automated device mixes the sand with the binder (which includes reflective components), and then spray the mixture on the surface. The sand hardens in the process of operation of the machine, which gives it a particular sculptural form.

Robot man controls through the computer. Force "Stone Spray" gives solar energy, and it can work in different directions in the vertical and in the horizontal plane. The device can be used to create furniture, solid walls and creative sculptural forms without a frame.

The robot was designed by three engineers — Inder Shergill, Anna Kulik and Petr Novikov, under the leadership of Jordi Portel, Marta malé Alemany and Michael Ilavarasu from the Institute of innovative architecture of Catalonia. It is a major research and educational center in Spain, specializing in design of high performance green buildings.

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