Cushion-column iPillow

So nice to relax and gain strength, person needs to lie down to relax and listen to your favorite music. But musical tastes of loved ones can absolutely not be the same, and one turns into a sophisticated torture for others. A unique compromise solution that saves the world from suffering and not allowing it to die from the dreary silence was invented by the Koreans, creating original pillow with built-in vibrodynamics bone conduction iPillow.

Cool cushion-column iPillow technology uses bone conduction to deliver sound to the inner ear through the skull bone without breaking the surrounding silence and not even disturbing sleep lying next to a partner. For music playback in the creative pillow meet the two small shakers that are ready to send the signal from any device with a MiniJack connector (3.5 mm). Despite the availability of technologically advanced fillings, the pillow retains its softness and flexibility, so sleep on it a pleasure. Silent music pillow is available in two versions Smart and Cosy, differing in form, weight and cost. Currently, pillows are only available in South Korea at a price of approx. 110$for iPillow Smart and approx. 130$ for iPillow Cosy.

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