Unusual multi-comfort house Isover UK

Today it is hard to find free space for the new eco-friendly housing, so a group of architects headed by Yevgeny Leonov has designed a series of narrow oval houses, which are located in the historical Villa of Trent in Nottingham.

One of the most energy of natural forms — the form of eggs, — served as the basis for the project of reconstruction of the city, which is designed to ensure that new houses were environmentally friendly and allow to use renewable energy. In this unusual multi-comfort house.

This unique residential complex is like wrapping around a Central green core. The architects created the unusual house, hope the project will promote interaction between the residents themselves. Near an apartment house it is forbidden to Park cars, and the majority of social facilities such as shops, galleries and offices will be submitted in a separate building. General Parking will be located underground.

Curving walls and removing the corners, the designers minimized the external surface area of each home. It makes an unusual house energy efficient, significantly reducing the need of building into thermal energy. As planned, the entire project will require only 3.33 kWh/sq m every year — it meets the requirements of green, energy-efficient construction.

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