Transport of the future - Floow-Flex


It's a strange transportation device of the future no car or bike. Innovative technical solutions used in developing the FLOOW, make this device unique and incredible personal vehicle. Equipped with chain drive, and Bicycle pedals FLOOW will allow you to always remain in good shape, as the design of this mechanism provides for the possibility of physical activity when using. And mounted a small electric motor will assist the rider to develop a considerable speed and travel long distances, expending minimal effort. This is an excellent tool that can help you from point A to get to point B and, moreover, FLOOW offers its owner a unique driving experience.

The ergonomic seat can be adjusted to fit different users. And the design of the mechanism, besides offering its driver great freedom of movement, is arranged in such a way that human energy is used in the most efficient way.

Depending on the physical capabilities of the user FLOOW engine produces the required amount of energy, providing a sense of comfort for the driver and optimize the power consumption of the motor. System of gears involves a great possibility of controlling acceleration and speed of movement of the device. Unique sensation cause smooth curved shape FLOOW. Due to this fluid design, the user easily finds the balance and is confident in the stability of the structure.

The steering mechanism provides a direct and very accurate control over the trajectory. FLOOW is a sport vehicle, but also people with physical disabilities will find it a very comfortable means of transportation.

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