Railway world: the largest model railway in the Chicago Museum

Who as a child dreamed of a toy train, which raced on miniature rails? Perhaps, to see the exhibition in the Chicago Museum of science and industry – the dream of any adult, because here are one of the world's largest model train! Americans worked hard and created a layout that illustrates the history of the construction of railway stations. The eyes of the astonished visitors to the train doing the journey from Seattle (Washington state) to Chicago (Illinois). Is 3550 km of the real road, or 3,500 feet – toy.

The creators of the layout recreated 192 of the monument, including the famous bridge Willis. In addition, were recreated and the unique landscape of craggy mountains, waterfalls and forests. Very naturalistic look small towns (in the courtyards of apartment buildings, you can even consider benches and swings), numerous tunnels, arches, trusses, here you can see the sawmills, and grain elevators, and even coal mine and steel mill.

Rail travel passenger trains on the branches of the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' and Chicago's Metra Electric Line. Branch Burlington Northern Santa Fe adapted for freight of grain, coal, gas and finished products. By the way, the Chicago railroad could compete with the world's largest train set "Miniatur Wunderland", which was established in Hamburg.

Museum of Science and Industry – largest science Museum in the Western hemisphere. In addition to the model railroad, you can see the exposure that represent the layout of the coal plant, German submarine U-505, captured during world war II, and the spacecraft "Apollo-8", which was made the first expedition to the moon.

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