Wireless charging for electric vehicles

The concept of wireless charging is very simple and is also known as inductive charging. On earth installed electric coils that create the magnetic field, as soon as exposed to specific receiver installed at the bottom of the electric vehicle. And the magnetic field in turn generates an electric current charging the battery.

The ground side of the charging device can be installed under the floor of the garage that protects it from environmental influences and attacks thieves. The distance between charger and receiver should be about six inches, and the power consumption is 240 volts.

As they say in Evatran, it's all about convenience. And not only that you can leave the car and forget that while you are gone, the battery is charging. Plugless charging system will also save you from having to respect safety measures in the use of Plug-In system: maintain dryness around the charger and also thorough actions when using the system in the rain.

In addition, developers are planning the imminent withdrawal of his brainchild the mass market. As they say in Evatran, at the moment the system is in the testing phase and initial implementation, but the most popular is waiting for her with the proliferation of electric vehicles on the market vehicles.

Many leading companies have already tested or are going to test Evatran Plugless system. Among them: Duke Energy, Google, Clemson University, Hertz Rent A Car and others.

At the moment the system is only compatible with the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf. However, despite these limitations, Evatran has already received 180 online bookings for the device when it will be released in mass production. It is expected that the wireless charger will cost about 3 thousand dollars, excluding installation. It is more expensive than ordinary battery charger for electric vehicles, but members of the Evatran believe that the convenience factor to attract buyers.


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