Museum-pyramid in Hanoi

The structure, which looks like a huge hourglass, is the Hanoi Museum, reflected in the water. A unique project of construction invented and developed at the German Bureau GMP Architects. The Museum building has the shape of an inverted pyramid, which in itself is interesting. It is reflected in the pond — and as it is doubled due to the natural "mirror".

Outside the Museum building in Hanoi has a very serious look: angles, same ledges, clean lines. Well, except that this pyramid upside down — but this does not detract from its solidity: on the contrary, the design hangs over the area and definitely shows who is in this space the owner.

The area of the Museum building — 30 thousand square meters. You can enter into from either side: 4 outputs. Floors one through three are designed exclusively for art exhibitions. Fourth (largest) — includes meeting rooms, offices and a library.

Well, grandpa Freud in that light is overjoyed at their ideological followers in architecture. External orderliness and strict adherence to the rules is still the background: inside of the Museum building is a continuous stream of consciousness and the realm of asymmetry.

It is impossible not to rejoice that the imagination of modern architects is practically inexhaustible, and their interesting projects invariably find lovers.

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