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Today BED ZED is 99 dwellings and a fifteen hundred square meters of office space, mostly leased to young innovative companies working in the field of architecture and construction. Workshop of the architect bill Dunster Zed Factory is also located here. And tenants and residents, and service company government BED ZED picks based on the principles of sustainable development, which strictly adheres with the beginning of the project. Although these principles are simple and logical, from the population of the village requires some effort to comply with them.

People who choose real estate in the area of the Bed Zed, form a community with common values: they want to breathe clean air, eat healthy food, maintain a healthy lifestyle.Respect for the environment is reflected in the separate collection of solid waste, composting liquid waste, rational use of water (each house counters), use of devices to ensure natural ventilation, natural lighting in buildings, use alternative energy sources.

The main idea of designers and architects Zed Bed lies in three points:

1.Design solutions fully solve the problem of heating buildings (renewable energy sources) and water usage;

2.Transport infrastructure is designed so that residents can travel by foot, bike, trams or other public transport; private cars try to use the minimum;

3.Community living in Bed Zed people trying to create those or other devices or mechanisms for utilities to improve the quality of life and reduce negative impact on the environment.

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