Klipy Cake Divider, "dispenser" for the cake from Animi Causa

We shared an orange, a lot of us and one of him. A familiar situation, especially when, instead of the orange cake, and shares his company the sweet tooth. That's just the orange would be so much easier, because it is initially divided into slices, and the cake has to cut himself. And pieces get rough, one more, another less, and if the cake is cut in the midst of a children's holiday, there is no offense and whims will not do. Why am I the least? For that he got the biggest piece? In this case, can not do without the Klipy Cake Divider, special "dispenser" for cake, invented in the company Animi Causa.

This invention is so simple and obvious that many readers will exclaim, "how the hell was I thinking". A small device that resembles a child's toy yo-yo, is a kind of "compass" which measures the value of a single piece. "Dispenser" is fixed in the center of the cake, set the level-markers at a certain distance from each other, and rotates the device around its axis, cutting the cake into equal, carefully measured portions.

Marker-the markers on the Klipy Cake Divider is arranged in such a way that they fit the knife blade, the designers are confident that this will facilitate the cutting of the cake and will not allow the knife to slip out, violating the configured system. Marking "dispenser" allows you to split a dessert for 6, 8, 10 or 14 equal pieces, however, if the cake is too large, you can make another round of "justice" and increase the number of servings. Most importantly, everyone will be satisfied, and will not be hostile to each other, jealously watching for who got the more yummy. And "dispenser" for the cake from Animi Causa is easy to wash, dry and clean.

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