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Try to find architecture where the author tried to hide the traces of their presence. If you succeed, with great difficulty. Leave the man alone with nature and himself, when nothing disturbs the internal harmony is not the highest humanistic sense of the architectural profession. Where it fails, usually remains of the architecture to which we are accustomed. Stone house... a House with thick walls, window openings, roof slope, stairs, door handles, curtains... Imagine without all this modern man is simply impossible.

Unusual architectural experiment conducted by the Studio Ensamble Estudio. They created a house called "Truffle", because the building of the house similar to this mushroom and also grown in earthen pit.

It seems that this summer dacha on the shore of the sea carved in the rock home in Cappadocia. In fact, the Spanish architect Anton Garcia Abril built this house-the truffle from the Foundation to the roof. The concrete mixture poured onto the seal and around the bundles of hay, then buried, dug out and then... invited a cow Pauline, which for the year eat the hay from the inside. So the interior of the house from Ensamble Studio and cows Paulina.

Perhaps this building is the best fit for solitude and finding yourself. After all, if you think about it, you can abandon many things that we use in everyday life. What could be better than waking up every morning and see out the window the vastness of the ocean? Is buying new furniture or model of the phone? Ask the owners of this house... I doubt they will hesitate to answer.

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